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How do I get rid of those stupid annoying pop up advertisements on the right side of yahoo.com mail? by Rux P Q:

A: To stop the advertisements in the yahoo mail page you need to upgrade to yahoo mail plus it has no advertisements on the mail page. to see the comparison click the links below. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/mailplus/overview/overview-03.html http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/mailplus/overview/overview-01.html

I can't access my Yahoo.com mail account. Please help - could it be a hacker or just a glitch? by Natalie Q: I can't access my Yahoo.com mail. Hopefully, it's just a glitch but I wonder if it's a hacker since I can't access FaceBook either. Use Firefox, newest version and never had problems with Yahoo before. Am not good with computers but have followed all the Yahoo suggestions. Can anyone help with this. Thank you.

A: You may need to clean out your browser cache, click on this Link and choose the browser you use. http://kb.iu.edu/data/ahic.html this will clear out the excess of cookies. We do need some to keep our programs working but too many just slow down and don't let the browser do it's job. have a great day RóGéR

How do I separate my yahoo.com mail from my sbcglobal.net mail? They come in combined.? by shar_7757_43 Q: I use one account for internet transactions and one for personal mail and I don't like to have to separate out the personal ones when I'm in a hurry. Thanks.

A: Depending on what software you use, you have a couple options. You can use the Filters that are available within the Yahoo Web Client to sort your incoming mail. If you are using Outlook or Outlook or express, it has an even larger rules system that you can use to sort your existing and incoming mail.

I want to start using Microsoft Outlook for email but I want to keep my @yahoo.com mail address. Any Hints? by planet p Q: I have entered my pop address and smtp address. I am stuck when trying to send a test message. It will not accept user name and password. I have tried user name with the @ sign and w/o. I have tried every combo and verification. Is it just impossible to combine a yahoo account with Outlook?

A: they are 2 completely different email providers. you can't combine them at all. just start having everyone send you email at your outlook address.

what happened to [email protected],com mail it has been a while back? by ddb1955 Q: I had lots of e mail from friends and family was sick so i was off the computer for a while and now my mail is gone

A: After 4 months of inactivity Yahoo closes mail accounts automatically and all content within is deleted. If it hasn't been that long ago, I suggest to go to this online help form and describe your problem: http://help.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/mail/cgi_ymail You could also send a mail to e-mail support: [email protected] or [email protected] or call Yahoo! Customer Service: 1-408-349-1572

Can i have my incoming yahoo.com mail read via my sprint treo and also via my desktop via microsoft outlook? by Longhorn74 Q: i don't want to manage two separate email archive systems, and prefer using outlook for archiving on my desktop, while accessing that mail on my cellphone via yahoo when out of the house.

A: You will need adjust the mail application's POP settings to get your Yahoo! Mail messages into it. POP access is a service for owners of one of the following: Yahoo! Mail Pop Access & Forwarding Yahoo! Mail Plus Premium Services A Broadband account A Small Business account To use an email client or application to send and receive Yahoo! Mail messages, you may need to designate a new incoming (POP) mail server and a new outgoing (SMTP) mail server. Consult your owner's manual for instructions on designating servers in the email application. If you can't add new POP or SMTP servers, you will need to change your current server settings. Before you make any changes, write down your current settings. You might need to revert to your original settings later if you decide to send and receive messages from your other email addresses. The following steps will help you find the POP settings for your Yahoo! Mail account and configure it: Log onto your Yahoo! Mail account from a PC. Click Options > Mail Options. Click POP & Forwarding. Click Set up or edit POP & Forwarding. Click POP Settings. Note your Server Setting information. Your phone email client or application will ask for these settings: Incoming Mail Server (POP3)— for example, pop.mail.yahoo.com. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)— for example, smtp.mail.yahoo.com. Account Name/Username, your Yahoo! Member ID— for example, myuserID. Email address, your Yahoo! Mail address— for example, [email protected] Password, your Yahoo! Mail password— for example, l0ngitudin*l Notes: POP server settings may change from time to time and you should confirm the current POP server settings in Yahoo! Mail if it is not working. When using Microsoft Outlook, replace the "@" in your address with "%". As an alternative to configuring Yahoo! Mail POP mail configurations, go to: http://mobile.yahoo.com/mail Enter your phone number and send a link to your phone; the best Yahoo! Mail experience will be suggested to you.

How do you export mail folders into a new Yahoo.com account from an sbcglobal.net account? by Russell Roy Q: I recently opened a yahoo.com mail account and so far I have only been able to import the contact list into my new yahoo account. I need to import in my mail folders.

A: Sorry I didn't find an easy way to do this. The only way I can tell you is to forward the emails to your new account. Copy and paste won't work. I believe you can try to "export to a file" If you have opened Outlook for the sbcglobal account, go to "File" and choose "import & export". Then choose "export to a file". Choose the folder you want to export, and choose where you want to save the emails on your computer. But this will not put them into your yahoo account. I'm not sure if you can even read them after you have moved them since they will be in a different format that ends ...csv. Try exporting one and try to read it before you do any more. Forward the emails, is probably easier if that's where you want them. Notify people or businesses of your new email address. I know, could be time comsuming. Hope this helps.

How do I change my @yahoo.com mail address to match my login name? by Mark Q: My account was setup so that I had multiple addresses, a feature that Yahoo! used to have but doesn't appear to anymore. I would like for the other address to be used instead of this one. How do I switch my account to that other address?

A: You can not switch, just use that one instead of the one you are using. Inform all of your contacts of the new E-mail address. Remember, that if you try to close or delete the primary account, you will lose ALL of your accounts associated to it.

Yahoo.com Mail? by jetrose2000 Q: When I send out mail on my comptur It can not get to weir it is going and yes I'm using the right address to send them they come right back saying that the letter could not be deliverd because of some kind of block what can I do to find if I axadently but the block their and I just don't rember or if some one has done it I'm just not computer savy at all

A: Go back and look at the address again. Your posting is so full of spelling errors, I can't believe you'd get the email address spelled correctly.

yahoo.com mail ???? by xodancerox2013 Q: how do you delete a folder on yahoo mail ? i can't figure it out ! lol

A: In the folder panel---just above the inbox, are the links----{add--edit}. Click edit and a page opens with all your folders listed, where you can either "rename or delete". With the New Mail, you can just right the folder and choose "delete" from the drop menu. In either case, the folder has to be empty to delete it.

C:\Documents and Settings\win\Desktop\Arabic Sexy by ayub hasan mail-ayub_hasan88@yahoo.com.flv (0 unread) Yahoo! Mail, ashraf_1700.flv Yahoo Mail mujra bye ayub hasan mail-ayub_hasan88@yahoo.com.flv hindi song by ayub hasan mail ayub hasan88@yahoo com Signing In To Yahoo! Mail Yahoo! Mail patturumal tirur - rahna navas.flv.flv-- BY:MUSTHAFA.KP,E MAIL:musthafa4@yahoo.com Meharuba Meharuba oppana.... BY:MUSTHAFA.KP, MOB:0505776905, E MAIL:musthafa4@yahoo.com Mozilla Thunderbird Tutorial [Howto] Get Yahoo! IMAP Mail For Free [Walkthrough] part 3 ANGELIC VISITATION BY BISHP GLORIA How to Block an Email Address on Yahoo or Gmail carp fishing pakistan rasool bairaj MB Din by mobi mirza E Mail mobi mirza@yahoo com Mobile=00923005360476 From=Rawalpindi=caught 5 kg 2 carp chaina fish Yahoo! Mailbox: The Purple People Greeter Yahoo! Mail Part 1 Yahoo Mail Is Not Safe Review: The new Yahoo!Mail 'WELDER' NAVOTAS MAN POWER TRAINING CENTER..e-mail add. joel_mendiola_4u@yahoo.com How to get a Yahoo Mail Account on Your Mac How-to: Forward Your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail How to Sign Up For Yahoo Mail | By Roshin idi How to use Yahoo! Mail on Outlook, Windows Mail, + more! (FREE!) yahoo mail sign in up lesson 001.wmv e-mail your tutorial requests to.... How to Use Yahoo Mail (Free) in ThunderBird 3.1 (OLD) Yahoo! Mail Beta Tutorial How To Set Up a Yahoo Account On A Android Phone Organizer application for Yahoo! Mail Yahoo.co.uk Mail Setup for pop Configuring Yahoo IMAP E-Mail accounts in Mail (Mac OS X v10.6) How to open your yahoo mail in microsoft office outlook 2007 yahoo mail viraha nombaram.flv... BY:MUSTHAFA.KP, MOB:0505776905, E MAIL:musthafa4@yahoo.com Fiji Kirtan Song: (Govind Lal of Lautoka Fiji Islands) by: rameshvideo@yahoo.com 12 unread bilal jeddah Yahoo! Mail Fiji Kirtan Song: (Govind Lal of Lautoka Fiji Islands) by: rameshvideo@yahoo.com 3-12-09 Yahoo! Mail Beta Review PFR TV SUPER MODEL OCEAN E MAIL OGDON66@YAHOO.COM bangla so hot by ayub hasan ctg mail-ayub_hasan88@yahoo.comv.flv Excursion flight C-42- e.-mail ; Daniels.Papakuls@yahoo.com Welcome to the best Yahoo! Mail ever Tattoo La Thành Tattoo Ngõ 46 Phạm Ngọc Thạch HN. 0902008369 Mail: LarBro_Cent@yahoo.com #OccupyWallStreet Yahoo Censorship in action HOW TO DELETE YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT Yahoo! Mail: Read Email Messages with JAWS 12 and IE9 Yahoo! Mail The best web-based email! ad How to Create a Yahoo mail Account , teaching in HINDI/URDU 1 Yahoo E Mail Account Method 1 Yahoo Email Raw Basics, for Beginners Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
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