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Women's Gymnastics

US women's gymnastics win Olympic gold in London in team competition
LONDON — They were hailed as the Magnificent Seven, the U.S. women's gymnastics team that won gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. And their heroine was Kerri Strug, who sealed the triumph with a gutsy vault on an ankle so badly injured she had to hop ...

Olympic Women's Gymnastics Results 2012: Ranking Team USA's Best Routines
The U.S. women's gymnastics team put up an amazing performance in the qualification round, and then managed to outdo themselves in the team finals. If they continue this effort they will land two ladies on the podium in the all-around competition.

Obama congratulates US women's gymnastics team, swimmer Phelps on ...
MANSFIELD, Ohio — President Barack Obama congratulated the five members of the U.S. women's gymnastics team Wednesday on their Olympic victory — and he had some questions about just how they managed to pull off their gold medal performances.

'That's What Makes You Flexible': US Women's Gymnastics Team Gets A Parody ...
On Tuesday, the U.S. women's gymnastics team dominated the team finals at the 2012 London Olympics, taking home the gold medal for Team USA. Now the Fab Five -- Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney -- are ...

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BustyCops I didn't know Blake Clark coached the Russian women's gymnastics.

cristina_CP24 I'm watching #ctvolympics now...did anyone catch the repeat of U.S Women's Gymnastics...incredible!

Bavvy95 @NokySimbani It'll never beat the women's gymnastics tho woooow

mlboldison Good luck to @Rebecca_Tunney & team mate @HannahkWhelan in the individual gymnastics women's artistic final 2moro! x #TeamGBGymnastics

GaryBarker6 RT @Pink: Congrats to the USA women's gymnastics team on their win. You competed hard!!!!!! Well done

jontsuei RT @God_Damn_Batman: I wonder if the US women's gymnastics team would be interested in vigilante sidekick opportunities.

chief_moron @BBisson112 only women's gymnastics... Any girl who can put her legs behind her head I'm watching

aimeeleelucas The gymnastics women's finals were amazing! USA had it in the bag. Smiles!!!

IrishNiallWasX @Harry_Styles What is your favorite to watch?:) I like the women's gymnastics even though I couldn't do a flip to save my life! hehe<3

HipHopCube1 President Obama Congratulates Gabby Douglas & Women’s Gymnastics Team On Gold Medal Win [PHOTOS] http://t.co/IpgzjlhA #ifollowback #hiphop

MojoMoxie RT @RealLyndaCarter: Wonder Women! Congratulations to the US Olympic women’s gymnastics team on winning the gold!

Prissy_SIssy RT @Pink: Congrats to the USA women's gymnastics team on their win. You competed hard!!!!!! Well done

Aye_Kimmaay RT @God_Damn_Batman: I wonder if the US women's gymnastics team would be interested in vigilante sidekick opportunities.

brittanyashley So women's gymnastics is done, that means the Olympics are over, right? Football is back in a month and hockey's in two. Fall > Summer

quiet_follower RT @CDickerson_PFTP: Cheers to the women's gymnastics team. Finally a #Fab5 that actually won something. Good thing Chris Webber wasn't around to call a T.O.


How long does it take to reach a level in women's artistic gymnastics? by Dana Q:

A: it depends on how proficient you become with the skills of each level. On average, level 1-2 (combined) is about a year. Level 3-4 is 9 months to a year for each. 75% proficiency is requires to move to L5. level 5-7 is typcially 1-2 years and a minimum score on 31.0AA in a sanctioned USAG meet. Level 8-10 typcially 2 yrs each (or more), but it's very skill/score dependent. It requires a 34.0 in the AA to progress.

What's the hardest event in women's gymnastics? by Q: Bars, Vault, Beam, or Floor?

A: as a spectator who used to watch women gymnastics on TV, i should say uneven bars is the hardest with the balance beam not far behind. uneven bars routine needs upper body strenght especially when she transfers from upper to lower bar and vice-versa. balance beam, on the other hand, requires balance atop of a beam.

Who do you think is in line for the spots on the 2012 Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team? by Kan'na Q: I've already got the big ones like Ivana Hong, Becca Bross, and etc. but is there anyone else I should check out?

A: Here's my potential teams for different countries, and what they will do in team finals USA: Rebecca Bross (VT/UB/BB) Jordyn Wieber (VT/BB/FX) Kyla Ross (UB/BB) (Jr. National Champ) Alexandra Raisman (VT/BB/FX) Someone Good at floor and bars other scenario: Rebecca Bross (VT/UB/BB) Jordyn Wieber (VT/UB/BB/FX) (She is kind of the Shawn of the team-- not really good at bars, but has the big dismount so she could be put up) Sophina Dejesus (FX) Kyla Ross (BB/UB) Ivana Hong? (VT/FX) could also take a beam spot Sacramone and Liukin could also try for spots, depending on how their comeback goes. Sabrina Vega, Amanda Jetter or Bridgette Caquatto can try as well. I personally feel as though with the 5 member teams, Kayla Williams the world vault champion is not all that useful because vault is really the only event I would put her on during team finals. Her floor routine as it is now won't score that well internationally, because she has poor flexibility and artistry. Romania: Ana Porgras (VT/UB/BB/FX) (She should upgrade vault by then) Amelia Racea (all events again, except maybe floor because she has hardly any expression) Raluca Haidu (BB/FX) Larissa Iodache (BB/FX, maybe other events) Someone great on vault or bars. Russia (my personal favorite, and probably the best potential team): Komova and Mustafina CAN do all events, but they can be shifted around to place other members on the team. Viktoria Komova (VT/UB/BB/FX) Aliya Mustafina (VT/UB/BB/FX) Anastasia Grishina (BB, maybe more, she's still very young and needs some more difficulty on all events except beam where she's already olympic champion level) the last two spots can go to: Tatiana Nabieva (VT/UB) Anna Dementyeva (BB/FX) Anna Pavlova (VT/BB/FX) Ksenia Semenova (UB/BB/FX) Ksenia Afanasyeva (she can do any event, but she is super inconsistent) or others. The Russians have more depth than ever! Kramarenko should be in it if her comeback is sucessful, along with Myzdrikova if she learns how to hit, or even Kurbatova if the awesome juniors burn out :( China (this one's tough for me because I don't have too much info): He Kexin Huang Qiushaung Cui Jie Tan Sixin (Insert 2008 olympian here) Everybody I listed for every team is worth looking at! Also, look for Japan: Murakami Mai, Sadsada (for the beam mount) Ukraine : Yana Demyanchuk has an awesome bars series, and so does Natalia Kononenko. NEW INFO: Viktoria Komova is the new Russian all around champion!

Is women's gymnastics the gentleman's club of Olympic events? by Atheist Chuck Q: We don't understand the scoring, but its the most watched event.

A: don't forget women's volleyball

How long do people train to get into the olympics for women's gymnastics? by Q:

A: 12-15 years for the current US squad. :) @Gymtiger17: You are wrong as we have a 15 year old on the current USA woman's team.

What event is the hardest in women's gymnastics? by Q: Which is the hardest or most competitive? Vault, Floor, Bars, or Beam?

A: It is different for every gymnast. Most however stuggle with beam the most. You are in the air on something that is only 4 inches wide. There is no room for error. And even elite gymnasts will make mistakes on it more often than in other events.

do you you think they should add another apparatus to women's gymnastics? by My Name Is Trip Q: there are only four: beam, bar, floor and vault. it makes it much harder to bounce back after a fall. and mens have 6 why should womens have 4?

A: I agree, I'd like to see the women flipping around on the rings.

Who made the women's gymnastics Olympic team this year? by Q: I know gabby and wieber, but who else?

A: Gabrielle Douglas Jordyn Weiber Aly Raisman Kyla Ross McKayla Maroney **Alternates are: Anna Li Sarah Finnegan Elizabeth Price

how long would i be able to do women's artistic gymnastics if i started at age 14? by Dana Q: will i ever reach level 10 or anything? not that i care or anything, as long as i get to do gymnastics.

A: highly unlikely you'd reach a high or elite level if you're starting that late. If you're just interested in doing it for fun and recreation you'll be fine and have fun. But honestly, it's very, very uncommon for someone who is starting at age 14 to make it to elite. Most of the gymnasts who do reach high levels start much younger, it's not uncommon for elite gymnasts to be home-schooled and put upwards of 30+ hours a week in at they gym. With that said, you can do gymnastics for as long as your body can deal with the stress. But generally speaking for most female gymnasts, they tend to be at their peak around age 15-22. And do see some older ones, but most are at their best in their mid to late teens.

Who do you think will win the Women's gymnastics in the Olympics out of the USA? by Q: Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas (I hate her), Kyla Ross, or McKayla Maroney.

A: Jordyn Wieber - Love her! She's strong and powerful. I believe she has the potential to bring home the Gold in the all-around. Gabby Douglas - Another strong contender for the all-around. She is fabulous on bars and floor. I'm nervous to see her beam routine though. Aly Raisman - She'll definitely bring home the Gold on Floor! Her first tumble pass is out of this world! She's a consistent performer - but her bar routine is very weak (she breaks form a lot and needs to point those toes!) McKayla Maroney - Very clean on vault. She'll bring home the Gold! Gorgeous amanar! I want to see her stick the landing - no steps forward.

What are pros and cons to women's artistic gymnastics? by Dana Q: I plan on starting in June when school ends. I'm 13, I'll be 14 when I start. Also, will flexibility be a problem? I mean, do you really have to be flexible? I know it sounds stupid, but I'm not that flexible but I love gymnastics so much. And are you allowed to copy exact floor routines from famous gymnasts? If you answer, answer all my questions as best you can, please.

A: If your just starting, you won't be doing any of your own floor routines. In fact, most likely won't be on a competition team, but rather doing recreational gymnastics. In USAG, only gymnasts that are Level 7 and above get to choreograph a floor routine. It takes (on average) about 5 years of hard training to go from beginner to level 7. Flexibility will come once your start with gym. Nobody expects you to be able to do full splits/straddles on day one. And if you can, you're probably doing them wrong anyway. (yes there is a right and wrong way to splits). You can start with conditioning now. Push ups, pull ups, chin ups, plank holds,etc. They all help. Have fun!

Why and how is men's and women's gymnastics different? by MoxyGirl Q: Is it because men are stronger and us women are more flexible? Or why are the events so different?

A: Men's & women's events: vault floor Men only events: pommel horse parallel bars horizontal bar still rings Women only events: beam asymmetric bars (uneven bars) Rings: Women don't do rings because that would require too much upper body strength to maintain a 'feminine' physique. You'd build up a lot of testosterone and look more like a body builder. It's less natural for women to have very muscly upper bodies and there is social stigma against it (female bodybuilders can get penalised for looking too 'masculine' even though body building is the whole point of their sport). Pommel horse: Also for men only because there's such an emphasis on upper body strength. Parallel bars: Not sure, maybe because women do not have the large shoulders necesary for some p-bar tricks. To be honest I think girls could do parallel bar. A-bars: Men don't do asymmetric bars probably because they are usually too tall to do very much at all on low bar (too low), and restricted on high because it's too close to the low bar (i know, they could raise the height and move them further apart, right?). It might be because it's harder to move from one bar to the other the heavier you are, so men are not naturally suited to do this event due to their larger size. H-bar: Horizontal bar is like an adaptation of a-bars for men where their heavier frames does not disadvantage them so much. Females don't do it doesn't add anything new or different not already done on a-bars. Beam: Probably considered too "girly" with all the dancing for men to do. And the dancing is more important to beam than to floor I think.

What days are women's gymnastics in the Olympics? by Q: What's days? What's times? I live in new York and have fios if that helps anyone.

A: Women's artistic gymnastic qualifications are on Sunday the 29th at 9:45 AM. (EST) The women's team final is is on Tuesday the 31st, at 11:30 AM, the all-around final is on Thursday the 2nd at 11:30 AM, vault final the 5th at 9:50 AM, uneven bars final the 6th at 9:50 AM, and beam final the 7th at 9:47 AM.

Women's Gymnastics All-Around Tomorrow? by Washlyn96 Q: Who will win?

What days and time does the Women's Gymnastics Olympics 2012 show? by lyn v Q: Wha time and days?

What are the pros and cons of women's artistic gymnastics? by Dana Q: And also how fast will I be moving if I start at age 14? I know 4-year-olds won't move as fast because most get distracted by the playing equipment and might be a bit scared. I'm sort of fearless when it comes to gymnastics. I'm hardworking with a long attention span.

A: here's my opinion pros: fun, challenging, its exercize, keeps ya busy, you learn how to do awesome things cons: difficult, takes a lot of time, patience, physical strength/flexibility and its mentally tough. I can't say how fast you will improve, but if you keep your mind set and try your best, you never know what could happen.

How do I watch the Olympics women's gymnastics qualifiers? by Rose Q: How can I watch the women's gymnastic qualifiers for the Olympics online? I went to NBC (http://www.nbcolympics.com/liveextra/index.html) but I can't watch it because there isn't a link available. I have comcast connection so I know it IS possible to watch it online. I'm in California. Thanks! I know it's no longer "live" since it happened a while ago, but is there a way I can watch a video of the events?

What day and time are the women's gymnastics olympics? by Christina Q: What time does it air on television?

A: According to nbcolympics.com, coverage of the women's gymnastics competition airs within the following schedule: 8/10 NBC 7-11 PM 8/11 Telemundo 2-6 AM 8/12 NBC 8 PM-12 AM 8/13 NBC 2-5 AM 8/13 Telemundo 7:30 AM-12 PM 8/13 Oxygen 6-8 PM 8/14 NBC 8 PM-1 AM 8/15 Telemundo 2-6 AM 8/15 NBC 2:30-5 AM 8/15 Oxygen 6-8 PM 8/17 NBC 7 PM-12 AM 8/18 NBC 2-5 AM 8/18 Telemundo 2-6 AM 8/18 Oxygen 6-8 PM 8/18 NBC 8 PM-12 AM 8/19 NBC 2-5 AM 8/19 Telemundo 2-8 AM 8/19 NBC 8 PM-12 AM 8/20 NBC 2-5 AM 8/20 Telemundo 8-10 AM 8/20 Oxygen 6-8 PM 8/20 NBC 8 PM-12 AM 8/21 NBC 2-5 AM 8/21 Oxygen 6-8 PM

Why the women's gymnastics team of Romania declined? by Q: The Romania's women gymnastics has won team gold in 2000 and 2004, they also did really well in all around, but why they are not the best team right now?

A: There's been a lot of things going on. The leader of the Romanian team, Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitung, retired and they don't have the money to fund international programs, either the coaching or the facilities. The coaching system is badly broken since the retirement of the Belu and Bitung. Plus girls are getting hurt at unusually high rates and openly rebelling against their coaches. The lack of leadership and funding has really crippled the Romanians. But with girls Porgras, hopefully Romania will bounce back like Russia has.

how would you start a women's gymnastics team? by Nikki D Q: I kind of have some ideas but I am willing to listen to some suggestions that anyone has, because I'm sure that there's something I missed.

A: good coaches, a good recreational program for the gymnasts to come from, cool uniform :-) and everything to make ur team to the best of their abilities

Where can I watch the whole 2009 Visa Championships in Dallas for women's gymnastics? by edumaster Q: I saw it on today at 8pm on 8/15/09 but couldn't watch it but would like to watch the whole thing, but where could I?

A: maybe universal sports? or check youtube...sometimes people post the entire competition on there.

What is the number of athletes allowed on the US Women's Gymnastics Olympic team? by Rebecca Z. Q: I just finished watching today's qualifiers curious to see how many girls will make it!

A: The Olympic team will consist of 6 gymnasts, and up to three alternates. In the Olympics qualifying round of the team competition, each team will put up 5 gymnasts on each apparatus, and they will count the top 4 scores. But in the finals, each team will put up only 3 gymnasts on each apparatus, and all 3 scores will count. This is why the selection process for the team is so careful and painstaking, because the goal is to put together the 6 gymnasts who can potentially get the best scores in the aforementioned format, and that doesn't necessarily leave room for more than 2 all-around gymnasts. It's almost easier to make the team if you are only good (and by good I mean REALLY good) on one or two events, like an Alicia Sacramone.

If I live in Raleigh, NC what time does the women's gymnastics finals start? by sunkissed8883 Q: I'm having trouble understanding the times zones for London and the Olympic schedule. What time does it start for me in Raleigh?

What is the new scoring system for women's gymnastics? by nlmsfan Q: What's the new scoring system that was changed from after the Beijing Olympics? Can someone please explain?

A: First off, is that the D-value (difficulty) is much lower because only 8 skills (5 tumbling and 3 dance for BB and FX) go into the score, whereas it used to be 10. Falls are now an entire point off, instead of 8-tenths. Vaults have been re-scored for the D-value. Women are no longer allowed a "free step of artistry" after tumbling passes (at FIG events) Other information can be found at: http://www.sportcentric.com/vsite/vnavsite/page/directory/0,10853,5187-188050-205272-nav-list,00.html

Why were there seven members on the 1996 women's gymnastics team? by Nicolette Q: Yet there are only usually six members on an olympic gymnastics team.

A: Well that was just the rule that year...

What are some jobs that I can start in women's gymnastics? by leg_lover Q: What would be some helpful skills and/or training?

A: Try this link. It is all about jobs and stuff. http://heknowsitall.0catch.com/jobshunt.htm

I'm watching the olympics (women's gymnastics) and....? by pie<3 Q: Just wondering does anyone else think that the gymnasts from the other countries look like they're ten?

A: Yes!!! Especially the Romanian girls and and some Russian girls! The whole time I was shouting "there is no freaking way she is 16!!!!" I swear the US is the only country that actually follows the age rule.

When are all the big women's gymnastics meets? Is it the same every year? by Nicky Johns Q: What are the annual elite gymnastics meets? I know there is a Visa championship every year, and a Pacific Rim. When are the World Championships? And when (how soon before the Olympics)are the Olympic trials held? Any information would be great.

A: Here are some of the big meets: - Olympic Games - Olympics Trials - Visa Championships - U.S. Classic - Tyson American Cup - Pan American Games - Pacific Alliance Championships - World Championships - American Classic - Pacific Rim Championships The World Championships are held every year except for when the Olympics are held...(So there was not a 2008 World Championships) The Olympic Trials are held in the year prior to the Olympic Games (In 2008 the Olympics were in middle August and the Olympic Trials were held in early July.) Well... Hope I helped!

Is there any way I can get on a college women's gymnastics team without being a level 10 or elite? by GymnastGirl Q: I am currently a level 7 gymnast and I have tried college club gymnastics and it was a horrible experience. I just want to know if there's any possible way I can get on an actual team in college without being really really good.

A: i currently visited Oregon state and asked the same question. i the answer was you have to be a level 10 gymnast or you have to dominate on one or two certain event with level 10 skills. however there is recreational gymnastics that is offered in most collages. well good luck. p.s. thats a stupid rule anyways.

Poll: do you think the US women's gymnastics team eats fast food? by Q: is that why they have huge thighs and butt im not complaining

A: Or maybe all their muscle goes to their thighs and butt?

What are your honest Predictions in men's and women's gymnastics? by Q: Without bias, what are your predictions in the AA and event finals for women and men's gymnastics during the Olympics? PS: please actually know something about gymnastics, and price your point, no Bandwagoners please

Basic (women's) Gymnastic Competition Questions? by redrum5785 Q: I have become a fan of women's gymnastics for the first time after watching the Olympic games, and the American trials before that. I'm blown away by the athleticism and precision skill of the athletes. Some admittedly bad questions: When did "springboarding" onto the vault replace just jumping up there? Are coaches still allowed to stand below the athlete on the uneven bars? I notice in older Olympic clips that in the past the athlete would just hop up onto the beam; and there was usually a coach underneath the bars to catch them if they fall. I would also be curious to know the whole evolution of the sport - clips from past Olympics indicate there has been quite a bit of change. Sorry if these are dumb questions, help educate me! Thanks

What gymnast was rewarded the most Women's gymnastics gold medals from a single olympics game? by Q: You would think it'd be easy to find out, but I haven't been able too. Instead I've been stuck trying to count up results of past games.. Also who holds the most in artistic gymnastics, if they're different people. Thanks!

A: Most Gymnastics Gold Medals in One Olympics for Women (4) Four female gymnasts share this record: Hungary’s Agnes Keleti (1956) the Soviet Union’s Larisa Latynina (1956) Czechoslovakia’s Vera Caslavaska (1968) Romania’s Ecaterina Szabo (1984) Edit: If you check on the answers from Now Now you will see that Maria Gorokhovskaya only won 2 Olympic gold medals she did however win a total of 7 medals in the 1952 Olympics she won 2 gold medals and 5 silver medals. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Gorokhovskaya . Also Shannon Miller only won 2 Olympic gold medals in the 1996 Olympic games. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon_Miller As to Kenz. Nadia Comăneci had won 3 Olympic golds in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and another 2 in Moscow in 1980 so her best for one Olympic games in 3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadia_Com%C4%83neci . Lestermount just needs to recheck his count for Vera Caslavska her gold medal count was 4 not 5. They were Individual All-around, Vault, Uneven bars and Floor. Her team won a silver medal in the All-Around not gold

Should there be events for women's pommel horse and rings in gymnastics? by vgmaster9 Q: I notice that there don't seem to be events for women doing rings and pommel horse. Do you think it would be a good idea to let them do those? I'm sure they can handle it.

A: I guess it would be possible, but most women have more leg strength, than arm strength. But with practice, I'm sure there would be some women(girls)that would be able to do it.

Why is women's gymnastics more popular than men's gymnastics? by Q: Unlike most other sports, the women's version of gymnastics is more popular than the men's. Why is this? The men do more difficult skills that require more strength and often more skill. Also, why do many people view men's gymnastics as a gay/feminine sport? Unlike women, the men do not dance and the focus is not on flexibility and grace etc.

women's gymnastics? by cindyw_02 Q: Can a female college athlete compete in elite competeition like the male college athletes can?

A: Yes they can, a few gymnasts have competed elite while in college or after graduating Daria Bijak of Utah competed for for Germany in the recent Worlds, Mohini made the 04 team after graduating from UCLA and Alicia Sacramone will be competing for Brown and the US National team at athe same time. Its just not as common with the women since they usually peak ata younger age then male gymnasts do.

Is that Dan Schulman from Sunday Night Baseball doing the women's gymnastics? by Q:

What time can I watch women's gymnastics in the olympics on the west coast? by єოოaღ Q: I live on the west coast of the united states and my favorite event is women's gymnastics. What time will it be on?

A: The women's gymnastics team competition will be airing at 1:30-2:30 p.m. on Sunday and then later at 7 p.m... At 12:30 a.m., there will be an 'analysis' of the competition. The rest of the team competition will be on at 8:00 p.m -12.a.m. on Tuesday. The All around competition will be on at 8:00 p.m-12 a.m. on Thursday. Women's vault finals (as well as men's floor and pommel horse finals) will be on 8/05 at 7 pm- 12 am, bar finals will be on at 8/06 at 8pm-12 am. Beam and floor finals will be aired on 8/07 from 8 pm-12am.

When is women's gymnastics on? by Q: Ive been watching the olympics alot because it's on all day, every day. But is there a certain time that women's gymnastics is on?

A: Tomorrow night at Primetime! :] 6:00 PM I believe? at least it is for me.

Who all is in women's gymnastics 2012 olympics? by Q: I obviously don't keep up with it and was just curious

When will women's gymnastics be on? by Anne M Q: I always like the women's gymnastics in the Olympics, but I can't figure out the schedule at all. Does anyone know when they will be on, and what channel will cover the ENTIRE event (not just jump around with highlights from different events like NBC does). Thanks!

What are the women's gymnastics team final results for usa russia and romania? by Q: Scores for bars beam floor and vault or all that you know

When is the women's all around gymnastics competition air on TV? by Q: For the London 2012 Olympics...

which Olympic 2012 women's gymnastics events were on tv so far, when, what channel? by Q: Will they have reruns of missed women's gymnastics events on any channel, if so what time and what channel?

A: On NBC. They have only done the qualifying for All Around. There should be a repeat broadcast of tonight's broadcast. I live in texas and our re-broadcast starts at 12:30 am Tune to your local NBC channel.

Did the Women's All Around Gymnastics Happen yet? by Q: I wanna know if they already aired it, or if it's on tonight or something. The womens All Around for gymnastics. And if so, I assume it's on at 8:00?

When can I watch the women's gymnastics final online on NBC (EST)? by Q: Because even though NBC livestreamed it, a full replay is not available? Is there a way to watch it from a server in another country? Does the International Olympic Committee youtube channel have it posted yet that I could theoretically watch if I used a proxy server that rerouted me to somewhere in Europe? I live in the US, I'm on eastern standard time.

Song used last night during women's gymnastics video in 2012 Olympics? by colada15 Q: Last night, during the USA Women's gymnastics, NBC made a video collage with footage and interviews and pictures of the gymnasts. They played a song, I can't remember how it went, but it definitely said the word home in the chorus. Did anyone watch that/does anyone know the song or remember some of the lyrics? Thanks!

A: Its called "Home" from Phillip Phillips. Hope you enjoy!

What time will Olympic women's gymnastics be on - central time? by Q: I really want to watch the Olympic women's gymnastics, what time will I be able to watch it (I am in the central time zone)

What is the song played during the montage for the women's USA Gymnastics team? by Q: After the first night of the Women's Gymnastics team competition NBC made a montage with a good song playing in the background. The young ladies are in their purple outfits for reference.

Where/when can I watch the All-Team Women's Gymnastics event? by EnochianScript Q: I just got home from work and it's no longer live and the results for gold are everywhere! I'm so sad since I was looking forward to it all day but I just got home late -- anyways, the important question is when and which website will the videos for the women's all team gymnastics will be posted up? Does anyone know? They're no longer live so live streams are obviously out of the question.

US Women Take Gymnastics Gold Team USA gymnastics' 'Fab Five' win the gold 2011 Visa Women's Gymnastics Championships 2011 Visa Women's Gymnastics Championships Women's Gymnastics Montage 2000, 2004, 2008, 2011 1996 Olympics Women's Gymnastics Individual All-around 19 Hours: Stanford Women's Gymnastics 2012 USA Olympic Women's Gymnastics Dream Team The Magnificent Seven - USA Women's Gymnastics - Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games The 2012 United States Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team The 2012 USA olympic womens gymnastics team 2012 US Women's Gymnastics Team Wins Gold Women's Gymnastics 2011 Senior Video US WOMENS GYMNASTICS-BALANCE BEAM Part 1-NATIONALS Day 2-2008 2012.NCAA.Womens.Gymnastics.Championships.Super.Six.Team.Final.1080p.HDTV.h264-NastiaFan101 Danikka - Floor Routine 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics: Arizona State @ UCLA US Olympics Women's Gymnastics Team Reached For The Top At The 2012 Olympics - 'Reach For The Top' Michigan Women's Gymnastics 2010 2012 USA Women's Gymnastics Olympic Trials Preview 2012.NCAA.Womens.Gymnastics.LSU.vs.Alabama.720p.HDTV.MPEG2-NastiaFan101.mpg Women's Team Final 1 - The 2010 Rotterdam Artistic Gymnastics World Championships GymnasticsCoaching.com - Women's Gymnastics Training Camp, Alberta, Canada Olympic Gymnastics US Team 2012 - Women's and Men's [HD] 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics: LSU @ Florida 2012.NCAA.Womens.Gymnastics.Michigan.vs.Michigan.State.1080p.HDTV.MPEG2-NastiaFan101.mpg 2012 London Olympics : Team USA Women's Gymnastics Team Final Lineup (possible) Acrobatic Worlds 2012, Orlando (USA) - Mixed Pair + Women's Group (Part 1) Sexy NCAA Womens Gymnastics Olympic Favorite Jordyn Wieber Won't Advance in Gymnastics Finals 1988 Olympic Games-womens gymnastics team final-part one 1 US WOMENS GYMNASTICS-UNEVEN BARS Part 3-NATIONALS Day 2-20 [HD] 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics: Ohio State @ Illinois (full) Take Blue with Michigan Women's Gymnast Kylee Botterman 2012.NCAA.Womens.Gymnastics.SEC.Championships.720p.HDTV-NastiaFan101.mpg Gymnastics - Women's Artistic - Floor Apparatus Final - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games 2012.NCAA.Womens.Gymnastics.Championships.Individual.Event.Finals.1080p.HDTV.h264-NastiaFan101 2012.Big.Ten.Championships.Womens.Gymnastics.Session.1.1080p.HDTV.MPEG2-NastiaFan101.mpg China vs USA Women's in The 2008 Beijing Olympic Artistic Gymnastics Team - 1 US Women's Gymnastics Wins Team Gold Medal 2012 London Olympics 2008 Beijing Olympics Women's Gymnastics Team: USA vs CHINA [HD] 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics: Penn State @ Iowa (full) US WOMENS GYMNASTICS-BALANCE BEAM Part 2-NATIONALS Day 2-2008 Stanford Women's Gymnastics US Womens Gymnastics Wins Team Gold Medal 2012 London Olympics 2008 US Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team Interview on Today Show - Before Competition US 2008 Women's Gymnastics Team Talks About Their Silver 1988 Seoul Victory ceremony of women's gymnastic teams USA Women's Gymnastics Team Wins Gold Medal - 2012 Summer London Olympics July 31, 2012 Fierce Five [HD] 2012 NCAA Women's Gymnastics: Georgia @ Alabama (full)
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