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how much do you think these osiris skate shoes will go for on ebay? by Rama L Q: i have a pair of osiris screw II girls skate shoes. they are used but not in bad condition at all. the laces are cut but those are easy to buy right?

A: Your best bet is to look on ebay and see if there are any others listed and what they are selling for.

What are some bands that sound like Born of Osiris? by anonymous Q: I like how Born of Osiris has fast beat tempos, major keys, comprehensable screaming, some singing, and at least one cool part/breakdown in each of their songs. I dont want a list of metally garbage with nonstop screaching and an unidentifiable key that sounds like dimented clown music. I'd like some structure and rhythem like BoS has. Feedback plz and ty.

A: check out tastekid.com but my recommendations, if you dont already know these... Unearth, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, August Burns Red, Miss May I, Machinemade God, Opeth, and PERIPHERY (unbelievable band)

What are the Symbols of the Ancient Egyptian god Set and Osiris? by Drew Soard Q: I know Horus's symbol is the Eye of Horus, and Isis's symbol is the Knot of Isis, but what are Set and Osiris's symbols?

A: Set's symbol is the scepter. The crook and flail are symbols of Osiris. Also, the set animal is symbolic of Set and the mummy symbolizes Osiris.

Why does Seth want to destroy Osris in the story Osiris and Iris? by Blue Q: A. He's Insane. B. He's Jealous of Osiris? C. He wants to marry isis? D. God told him to do it?

A: There is much more to it, but the closest is B & C. D is irrelevant as Set IS the God in question. In short, Set (whose true Egyptian name is Sutekh) is insanely jealous of Osiris and Isis' love for each other. He kills his brother not out of any real maliciousness, but because he becomes green with envy, misjudges his actions and goes a little too far with it. He is not actually evil as he regretted what he did, as is proven with his reaction when he is exhiled. When Isis puts to him that someone has murdered one of the Gods and left a God fatherless and another a widow, Set is outraged and demands that the other be brought to justice immediately. Like anything, it was just a reaction based on emotion. Something any being can succumb to and not be considered evil.

Who in society is similar to the archetype of Osiris, the Egyptian God? by Serina K Q: Osiris is the God of Afterlife, the underworld and the dead. Also, he embodies the King archetype by attempting to establish lawful order and moral virtue and also taught the people of Egypt about agriculture. Do we have any figures in society today that are similar to Osiris?

A: Jesus. Osiris was originally a god of land-fertility. He was murdered by his brother Set, god of chaos. His wife, Isis, learned magic and resurrected her husband. He thus became god of the dead and the underworld. Osiris was also Judge of the Dead, and these myths greatly influenced the Jesus myth

Where can i buy a pair of purple Osiris skate shoes that has the logo in cursive on the front? by mouselover16 Q: Where can i buy a pair of purple Osiris skate shoes that has the logo in cursive on the front?

A: You can check on this site. They usually have a few for sale or you can do a search on there.

What shoe size would i be in osiris shoes? by Kitty cat meow Q: Okay so i wanna order these osiris shoes ( Nyc 83 slim skate) online and idk what size i would be in them :/ I wear a size 7 in converse , im a girl :3 Help? Only serious answers please >.<

A: Well, I'm a size 8 in other shoes, but with Osiris, I'm a size 7.5...so i think you would be a 6.5

What is a good store to get girls high top osiris shoes? by Doodlebug1104 Q: I already looked at journey at the osiris shoes.. and i have the zebra ones but i wanted a new pair.. i think another type of animal print would be cool! OSIRIS SHOES ARE SKATER SHOES!! AND! i already looked at journey!

A: Zumies or Journeys

Are the shoes Osiris related in any way to the Egyptian god Osiris? by Meredith Q: I'm doing a project for school on Ancient Egyptian festivals for Osiris. Please help!

A: the Ancient Egyptians didn't were shoes they wore sandals (if they could afford them), many Ancient Egyptians were barefoot

osiris???????? by BILLY THE GOOT Q: do u worship him unknowingly

A: Isn't that a skin disease?

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