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My sisters keeper

In my life, I've had great professional success and I have many mentors to thank for that. I've had mentors purchase business suits for me when I couldn't afford them. Every time I've needed a job, my network of mentors has pointed me in the right ...

Bulldog Beat: My Sister's Keeper
My Sister's Keeper is a novel published in 2004 and written by New York Times bestselling author, Jodi Picoult. It has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by the San Antonio Express-News. “Expect a powerfully poignant, page-turning read” says San Antonio ...

Jodi Picoult Meet-and-Greet at Library
By Melissa Phy Author Jodi Picoult attends the premiere of "My Sister's Keeper" at the AMC Lincoln Square theater on June 24, 2009 in New York City. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images She's known for her tear-jerker novels and hitting-home stories and now ...

Space left for Jodi Picoult, Jonathan Safran Foer events at Sixth & I
Coming up March 15 is a conversation between author Jodi Picoult (“My Sister's Keeper,” “House Rules”) and The Washington Post's Ron Charles. Picoult will be discussing her new book, “Lone Wolf,” about a man on life support who has been estranged from ...

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Ohh_Sofia My sisters keeper is so sad :(

EmBuckler32 RT @bailappee: I don't think I'll ever be able to watch My Sisters Keeper without crying.

taylorbreannh03 My sisters keeper #sadtweet

JayyStan My sisters keeper is so sad :/

Kevo_1000pct RT @ThatTHUGG_Taeee: "My Sisters Keeper" is a Depressing ass Movie.

cassssholee Watching my sisters keeper makes me appreciate having a twin #loveyou

naaomibabyy my sisters keeper gets me everytime :'(

staivecki63 my sisters keeper is flat out the saddest movie i think i have ever seen #moviesiwatchwiththegf

uniquebossam Omg.my sisters.keeper is a sad movie

ASSleynicolex3 @LtDrinkard @princessdreaax3 we're watching My Sisters Keeper.

DeeSaylah My sisters keeper was such a sad movie. :(

EllaRae_xo @Anna_xoFae lol cause My sisters Keeper dawg, I swear ats the second movie to make me cry! I never cry over movies. Lol #Wysss

CALLMECHIG "My Sisters Keeper" gets me everytime... Such a sad movie

taylordiggsyou My Sisters Keeper >

AlinaGisellexo RT @missstaylord: My Sisters Keeper, makes me think about way to much.


good movie sites for my sisters keeper? by Q: i want to watch my sisters keeper on my computer and im trying to find a site to watch it on but i don't want to have to download it or get any viruses or anything...does any1 know a good website?

A: http://tvshack.net/movies/My_Sister_s_Keeper__2009_/

Question about my sisters keeper the movie? by Em Q: I heard that Kate dies instead of anna at the end. Is that true? And in the preview Jesse says " just tell them anna!" or something like that. I have read the book but I don't remember that part. So what is be talking about?

A: Kate tells anna and her brother she is ready to die and anna finally wins custody of her body after kate dies her mom stays with her and you hear I think anna saying she took her last breath and they cut to a funeral scene

In My Sisters Keeper, did any of the characters have to go deal with peer pressure? by Shyt.S Q: I thought that their peer pressure was trying to fit in with their friends, because no one considered them to be "normal" anymore. How did they deal with that problem?

A: no i didnt see it

So after watching my sisters keeper i really want to donate my babys cord blood, is this possible? by ஐMe Q: So i'm 36 weeks 4 days pregnant and when i give birth i'd like to donate my baby's cord blood. I initially wanted to keep it and bank it in case my child were to ever get sick, but i cannot afford it, so i thought about donating it so it doesn't go to waste. Are you allowed to even do this? If so has anyone else done this? And how do i go about doing this, just tell my doctor?

A: Yes but you have to see if your hospital does cord blood banking. I googled it and got a lot of options I would talk to your doctor about it though, I plan on talking to my doctor about donating when I'm farther along [32 weeks] but I found the chance of ever being able to use my baby's own cord blood was under 25% so I figured I would donate and save someone else. Just ask your doctor you may have to contact a certain company to get a kit to take to the hospital..

What are 5 broad topics that cover the novel my sisters keeper? by Q: i have a couple... like friendship? independence an mayb survial any others you think would work?

A: Its been a while since I've read it but here are some off the top of my head... - Human rights. - The sanctity of human life. - Sacrifice. - Family conflict. - Relationships with family members. - Medical interventions and advancement. - Love.

What do you think of the book My Sisters Keeper, by Jodi Picoult? by delaney o Q: I'm doing a English Project on the book My Sisters Keeper and I need quotes on the book. Good or Bad. Please include a name so I can cite you. You can make a fake name up, if you don't want to post your real name. Thanks!

A: I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book and to be honest I'm not sure what I think of it. I wasn't even sure if I was going to bother to finish reading it so I read the last couple chapters to see how it ended. I found what I did read very interesting from a moral and ethical perspective.....because EVERYONE involved has their own reasons and beliefs for what is happening and what they all would like to happen.. I lost interest because of the way it was written.....individual chapters on all the characters involved and much of it seemed irrelevant to me. A lot was written about the lawyer and his ex girlfriend and I felt that took away from the story. I would have liked to have seen Picoult focus more on the actual purpose of the story....if and how moral and ethical issues like that should and can be resolved. K.M.K. Ontario, Canada

What are good pictures that represent the book my sisters keeper? by Q:

A: Maybe a picture of the gold locket the younger sister had to pond to come up with the money for the lawyer.

Is my sisters keeper the book appropriate for teens? by Q: 13 and over? I just need some other peoples opinion.

A: omggg. im 12. saw the movie. working on the book. the movie is now my favorite of all time. the book; love it. it has some bad words/innapropriate moments. but thats okay. (: READDD ITTT.!!!

Is the movie My Sisters Keeper as good as the book? by Sandi B Q: I read the ook which was rally good, and i want to see the movie. Is it good?

A: Nope. The books amazing! They changed so much for the movie. They even changed Campbell Alexanders dog to a border colle instead of a German Shepard? What the?!

is secret life of bees and my sisters keeper good books? by musicpeacelover23 Q: well its on my reading list. and i wanna read them.. are they good. are they super advanced? im an advanced reader but if they're too hard please lemme know. thanks :) im in 8th grade and have read books written for adults and understood everything. so like are these like super hardd?

A: SECRET LIFE OF BEES IS AWESOME....!!!!!!!!!!! i heard my sisters keeper was good, & that is was different and better than the movie. what do you mean by advanced? what grade are you in & how old are you? it depends, i cant really tell you if theyre advanced. i'm in college and i still love the secret life of bees tho:)

Can someone tell me a few themes of the book, My SIsters Keeper by Jodi Picoult? by Patrick Somo Q: i need a few themes to pick from for My Sister's Keeper... an can you give me a good one for writing a poem?

A: Sacrifice Morality Fire (Brian's a fire fighter, Jesse starts fires and Kate's illness is sort of like an out of control fire really) Death Disease/Health/Medicine or anything else along those lines Human rights Relationships

what happens in the movie my sisters keeper? by Q: i have never read the book or anything. but i've seen the previews for the movie. i really want to see it, but i'm really curious of what happens in the end. people are saying there is a suprise ending. WHAT HAPPENS?

A: Either read the book, or wait for the movie. It won't be as intense if you learn of the ending by just hearing about it, it will register more if you know the whole story

how old is the girl with cancer supposed to be in My Sisters Keeper? by Girlie101 Q: I watched my sisters keeper last night and i was wondering what the age of the sister with cancer is ?I thought she was like 14 but then she had her prom thing so i was all confused . thanks :)

A: she is 15. they said it during the movie..throughout the book, it goes through flashbacks and stuff of her at different ages.

What is the ending of my sisters keeper in the BOOK? by Q: Kate died at the end of the movie is it any different in the book? and if you have seen both, which do you prefer...book or movie?

A: I forgot what her name was but the sister died at the end of the book.She died in a car crash and then saved Kate's life. Not Kate the sister. I prefer the book through the movie is good

What would you have liked to be different in the novel My Sisters Keeper ? by CHICK11 Q: I want a review to see what you would have changed ?

A: I still think in the novel Kate should've died. I know it was a surprise ending and all, but I really don't think that it's logical, that Kate, after receiving a kidney from Anna, would be perfectly fine and cured. It just doesn't make sense.

How to get my mom to watch My Sisters Keeper? by Q: I own it on dvd but she says it is to sad without even seeing it. Please help I want someone to watch it with me.

What page in my sisters keeper is the part were kate is showing the scrapbook to her mom? by manda Q: ok then do you know what page its on in the book were kate says that shes gonna have that same seat in heaven...

A: um, there is no scrapbook in My Sister's keeper. They just added it into the movie to be more emotional. Trust me, I've read that book like 5 times. ;)

where can i watch my sisters keeper online for free? by Me.. Q: I really want watch it, i don't care if its illegal blah blah blah, me watching it isn't going to change the fact it is still on the internet no matter if i watch it or not! so can anyone help me with a link to a decent full movie of my sisters keeper please?

A: http://www.graboịd.com has a copy.

Should the book, My sisters keeper be a movie in theaters or a lifetime movie? by penguinlover Q: I think it deserves its theater spot, but some disagree.

A: Theatre. It would make a great chick flick. I think it will be quite popular.

‘My sisters keeper’ – How did this film change your life? by Cindy Q: If it did, how? I just saw it, wow, I have not ever cried this much before in a movie theatre. I can’t believe there are people living among us with that amount of pain inside of them. What did you think of the film?

A: The film didn't change my life because although the movie was sad, it was not enough like the book to satisfy a hardcore fan of the novel. But yeah, I'll admit I cried but I don't think it did the book justice.

do u guys know similar movies to like my sisters keeper? by Vee:) Q: i really like the movie "my sisters keeper" and i would like to know if u guys had something in mind ? Thank you!

A: keith

In the beginning of the book my sisters keeper is the 3 yr old anna or kate? by e_vatch Q: Jodi Picout has a flashback of a 3 yr old trying to smother the other sister? I can't figure out if that was Anna trying to smother Kate or vice versa. Ive finished the book but still haven't came up with an answer?

A: i know this isn't much help, but i was trying to figure out the same thing. i think that it's kate, because at the end, she is the one who uses the italic writing, but i could be wrong.

What is your opinion on the alternate ending for my sisters keeper? by Q: I read the book before seeing the movie and when I saw it today, it was a completely different ending to the story. What is everyone's feelings on this?

A: I did the same, I read the book about a week or two before the movie came out. When I saw the alternate ending I was completely shocked! I think the ending with Anna's death instead of Kate's was so much more powerful and unexpected. I wish they would have put that in instead. And did you notice how they changed Aunt Suzanne's name to Aunt Kelly?! That's ridiculous. And Kate never mentioned anything about going to Montana as far as I remember. Overall I think they did an OK job on the film. I cried so much!!

Should My sisters keeper be a movie in theaters or a lifetime movie? by penguinlover Q: I think it deserves its theater spot, but some disagree.

A: it was a great book but if they screw up the movie then they should just put it on lifetime but if they actually make it really well without messing it up (cuz it was sucha great book) then it should def. be in theaters.

What happened to the moms hair in my sisters keeper? by Boo bearrrs. 11-24-09. :) Q: Maybe it is just me that is confused, but didn't the mom(cameron diaz) shave her head? And then like in the next scene it was back again? Was her shaving her head like a flashback of something?

A: yea it was a flashback. there is a lot of those :] like taylor was a flashback too

My sisters keeper description of the movie with 3 paragraphs and short description of the main characters? by Q: Please answer in 24 hours i really need this information.

A: do you mean for the book or movie?

What's a poem that could relate to or describe Anna in the book "My Sisters Keeper"? by Haley M Q: I'm trying to find a poem that describes Anna in my sisters keeper for my English class..

A: Remember by Christina Rossetti http://www.poetry-archive.com/r/remember.html No Coward Soul Is Mine by Emily Bronte http://www.poetry-online.org/bronte_emily_no_coward_soul.htm Tears, Idle Tears by Lord Tennyson http://www.poetry-online.org/tennyson_tears_idle_tears.htm When we two parted by Lord Byron http://www.poetry-online.org/byron_when_we_two_parted.htm When Tomorrow Starts Without Me by David Romano http://angel-on-my-shoulder.com/tomorrow.html What if you slept? by Samuel Taylor Coleridge http://www.inspirational-poems.net/famous-inspirational-poems/53-what-if-you-slept

why is the movie my sisters keeper called that? by Q: I dont get it. I know the cancer, but why keeper?

A: Someone's keeper is the person who takes care of them. The youngest daughter was conceived to save the older sisters life, and through her entire life, her body was used to prolong the life of her older sister. She was her sister's keeper by force until the eldest decided she was done with the treatments. She continued being the keeper when she willingly fought for control of her own body, since it was at her sisters request, and her sister was both mentally ready to die and didn't want to devastate her parents by telling them the truth.

is the book called my sisters keeper treanslated to polish?? if it is whats the title? by Orangerhymes Q: is the book called my sisters keeper treanslated to polish?? if it is whats the title?

A: My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult has a Polish translation. It's called Bez mojej zgody.

what is the name of the lawyer Anna hires in MY SISTERS KEEPER by Jodi Picoult? by t92vt Q: i just finished Nineteen minutes, another great book by Picoult, and i hear that the lawyer is the same because she brings back characters in her novels, i dont have My sisters keeper handy, i rented it from my library when i read it, so if anybody knows just let me know.

A: Campbell Alexander

are there any real stories that resemble the ones from my sisters keeper? by Lauren G Q: like are there any current stories could resemble the ones from the novel my sisters keeper. for example are there any stories about someone who was in a car crash that donated their body parts.

A: I'll have to listen to stories from your sisters keeper first

What's a good age to read "The Sisters Keeper"? by Nina ♥ Q: I'm 12 and I heard about a book called " The Sisters Keeper" it sounds really interesting and I really want to read it and so does my mom. There's also a movie coming out that's sounds Amazing! For those of you that know what the book is about do you think it's appropiet for me?

A: Yes, you should definitely read it. It's actually "My Sister's Keeper" and it's a book about a girl that was born to supply her sister with bone marrow and such because she would die without it. But then she finally decides to sue her own family because she doesn't want to donate her body anymore. The writing of Jodi Picoult is fantastic. And yes, there is a movie of it coming out but honestly, it doesn't look nearly as good as the book. Read it first and then watch the movie when it comes out! :D

I want to watch my sisters keeper on netflex? by Q: I have netflex on the intendo wii and I was to watch my sisters keeper but can't find it do they have it? We have the 7.99 package

A: They don't have it... srry

what is the name of the courtroom featured in my sisters keeper the book by jodi picoult? by Jess Q: i just want to know what the name is of the court in my sisters keeper where anna testimonies for the right to her own body? thank you

A: Family Court for Providence County, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

When does my sisters keeper movie come out on DVD? by anne. Q: When does my sisters keeper movie come out on DVD?

A: November 17. At least according to Amazon.

To all who have read My Sisters Keeper i have a question? by MandeeCandy Q: in gov. were learning about human rights and all of that fun stuff. So i suggested id write a paper about the main character in my sisters keeper and here struggle in her rights vs. her parents. what do you guys think were her parents wrong in having a child soley to save another child's life or do you think what they did was human?

A: I agree with Bunny in that it is a human reaction to the situation. However, I can't help but feel bad for Anna (the replacement child)...the only reason you were born was for spare parts. Kind of like being a little brother to the Prince of England. You're here for backup and too bad so sad. It would mess up your self esteem.

What is the song in this my sisters keeper trailer? by Olivia Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiOWevDj1mw Okay, the song in this: what is it called and who is it by? thanks in advance!!! If the link doesn't show up, and you're not too busy, just type in mu sisters keeper trailers and pick the one that is like 1:33

A: "Carry You Home" by James Blunt. All you have to do is listen for some of the lyrics, then search them in quotes in google.

What Did You Think of My Sisters Keeper? by Chloe21 Q: I have seen My Sisters Keeper twice and I read the book. I was pretty disappointed with it. Especially since they changed the ending from the book. What did you think of it? Thanks, XD

A: My wife and I just saw the movie the other night. My wife was holding back the tears at the end. It was a sad movie and well acted by all except Cameron Diaz, in our opinion. We think that Diaz was miscast for the role. Sofia Vassilieva, who played Kate Fitzgerald, was great. I'm curious, how does the ending in the novel differ from the movie?

Where can I read my sisters keeper online? by luckgirl924 Q: I started reading My Sister's Keeper at a friends house but I want to finish it. All the libraries are checked out... Does anyone know where I can read it online? Please post a link if you have one. Thanks. For those who are hounding me about cheating... Please enlighten me, how is reading it online ANY different than reading it at the library?? The author is getting no compensation from that!

A: It's a recent book, so it is under copyright protection. Unless Ms. Picoult puts it online somewhere for free, or your local library has an e-book version available for download, you are probably out of luck.

How many pages are in each chapter of my sisters keeper? by Q: Okay, i know this may be asking for a bit much, but i really need this, How many pages are in each section of my sisters keeper Like how many pages in monday etc. If they reach above 40 pages please tell me when to stop and go forth (The event that happened, to know where to stop) THANKYOUU SOO MUCHH

A: like 20-25pgs per chaper

What is the rising action in my sisters keeper? by Hola A Q: I have read My Sister's Keeper before, and i really need help. I have the exposition and the inciting incident down, but what is the rising action? I just cant figure that out. I also would like to know if you have the rising action could you just tell me what the exposition, and the inciting incident would be then? just to make sure i have them right! okay thank you!

A: i found this site for you http://freefilmzone.net/ hope it's good!

How sad is the movie "My Sisters Keeper"? by Q: Im young and I don't know if the movie my sisters keeper would be to depressing or inappropriate. Any thoughts?

A: i went with my sister to see it. i'm 17 and she's 25, we cried the entire movie! but don't let that stop you from going to see it. it is really good

Examples of Independence theme in My Sisters Keeper? by ASiT Q: I'm doing a report on My Sisters Keeper and my topic is how the conflicts between Anna and her parents illuminates the theme of independence in the novel. I need to find examples of this is the novel and I can't seem to think of very many...? Specifically relating to Anna?

A: Certainly the lawsuit the girl is bringing to gain the rights of ownership to her own body. Her brother's need to get away from the family drama by setting fires. Attending the prom despite mom's worries.

Why does Taylor hav scars on his hands in my sisters keeper? by Batch Q: In the movie, my sisters keeper, Kate says something about Taylors scars on his hands. How did he get the scars on his hands??

A: He has scars from graft versus host...an infection

What is the book My Sisters Keeper about? by Heart Break Q: I dont know what book My Sisters Keeper is about... Can anyone help me out by telling me what its about.... Thank you!

A: from the authors website: Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate - a life and a role that she has never questioned… until now. Like most teenagers, Anna is beginning to question who she truly is. But unlike most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister - and so Anna makes a decision that for most would be unthinkable… a decision that will tear her family apart and have perhaps fatal consequences for the sister she loves. My Sister's Keeper examines what it means to be a good parent, a good sister, a good person. Is it morally correct to do whatever it takes to save a child's life… even if that means infringing upon the rights of another? Is it worth trying to discover who you really are, if that quest makes you like yo

where can i watch my sisters keeper online for free without downloading? by Q: where can i watch my sisters keeper online for free without downloading? i read the book and now i wanna watch it. Btw it is an AWSOME book.

A: Go here http://zenetworks.co.uk/my_sisters_keeper.aspx , watched it a few days ago, they have the full version or 2 parts, it's the filtered version which is the only best copy out yet on the net but there will be a better version soon.

What novels have similar themes to My sisters keeper by Jodi Picoult? by zzzzz Q: Themes like Parent Child relationships. I need a novel with similar themes to my sisters keeper.

A: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock Pieces of My Sister's Life by Elizabeth Joy Arnold The Dive From Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer The Year of the Fog by Michelle Richmond The Good Mother by Sue Miller

What are 3 inapropriate quotes in my sisters keeper? by Q: I need 3 bad quotes in the book my sisters keeper that might have to do with why that book is banned.

A: It would largely depend on who has banned the book and what reasons they have stated as to quotes to why it is inappropriate. An example of one library in America that has banned it is the following reasons 2010 Challenged and or banned for drugs, suicide, violence, sexism, homosexuality, religious veiwpoint, offensive language, being sexually explicit and unsuited to age group. 2009 Pulled from classrooms in Clawson (MI) as too racy for middle school students. So if you used the above two examples of why the book is banned then the following quotes could be used..... sexism "You have the most fantastic eyes." By eyes, I mean tits, but whatever. (Jesse Chapter, page 190 in my edition of the book) drugs " "We were just getting drunk", the boyfriend said "Tequila." He was no more than seventeen. Old enough to have heard the myth that a shower will bring someone out of a heroin overdose" (Brian chapter Page 221) Religious views "Here's my question: What age are you when you're in Heaven? I mean, if it's Heaven, you should be at your beauty-queen best, and I doubt that all the people who die of old age are wandering around toothless and bald" (Anna page 272) A couple of quick quotes to get you started. Good luck.

What is a unifying theme in My Sisters Keeper and The Secret Life Of Bees? by Brooklyn Q: i need to write an essay, and need a unifying theme for these two books.. My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult and The Secret Life of Bees my Sue Monk Kidd also what literary elements can I use in the essay? Im probably using love as a theme.. does anyone know how to prove it? Or any literary elements that will help prove it?

A: Here is a link for the themes in My Sister's Keeper http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/my-sisters-keeper/themes.html Here is a link for the major themes in The Secret Life of Bees http://www.gradesaver.com/the-secret-life-of-bees/study-guide/major-themes/

Books similar to my sisters keeper by jodi picoult? by Q: For my book report i need a book that connect my sisters keeper by Jodi Picoult. The boo is about this girl who as genetically conceived to save her sister that has leukemia, and she desn't want to save her sister anymore, so she is sueing for medical emancipation, do you know of anybook similar to that? Or about like being responsible for someone and you shouldnt have

My Sisters Keeper (2009) Official Trailer [True HD] [720p] My Sister's Keeper Movie Trailer Feels like home , my sisters keeper Sad Scene from My Sister's Keeper My Sister's Keeper Web Promo My Sister's Keeper Trailer MY SISTER'S KEEPER Interviews -- Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva Cameron Diaz interview on ROVE - My Sister's Keeper my sisters keeper book trailer My Sister's Keeper-Taylor & Kate Feels like home to me - my sisters keeper [soundtrack] The Hurt Locker, My Sister's Keeper, & Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Rotten Tomatoes Show My Sisters Keeper- Keep breathing I saw 'My sister's keeper' My Sisters Keeper Trailer My Sisters Keeper-It Feels Like Home To Me- Soundtrack Aaron Zigman My Sister's Keeper Original Motion Picture Score Taylor Dies My sister's keeper (Song 'Breathe in Breathe out' by Matt Kearney) My Sister's Keeper - Book versus Film My sisters keeper - actors My SIster's Keeper - Behind the Scenes Interviews My Sister's Keeper My Sister's Keeper Trailer [Demi & Selena Style] My Sister's Keeper Movie Review My Sister's Keeper( 2002) part1/12.avi My Sister's Keeper (Gold Medal) - Mission #34 - Red Dead Redemption My Sisters Keeper - Life is Beautiful My Sister's Keeper - Exclusive: Cameron Diaz and Sofia Vassilieva Interview My Sister's Keeper Commercial Heaven-Jimmy Scott (My Sister's Keeper) KH/FF: My Sister's Keeper Selena/Demi - My Sister's Keeper Trailer Priscilla Ahn My Sisters Keeper OST Find My Way Back Home Aaron Zigman - Prom Night (My Sister's Keeper Soundtrack) My Sister's Keeper - Goodbye My Lover My sister's keeper Kate and Taylor My Sister's Keeper sad scene (asking for forgiveness) My Sister's Keeper - The Cast Music from 'My Sisters Keeper' - Don't Wanna Cry for You and Feels Like Home Edwina Hayes - Feels Like Home (My Sister's Keeper) EDWINA HAYES-Feels Like Home Watch My Sister's Keeper Full Movie Free Online My sister's keeper- life is beautiful Cameron Diaz Abigail Breslin Sofia Vassilieva interview for My Sisters Keeper Res V Blog:My Sister's Keeper My Sister's Keeper - Abigail Breslin & Alec Baldwin Cameron Diaz Interview MY SISTER'S KEEPER w/ Abigail Breslin Reviews of: Transformers, My Sister's Keeper, and Chéri My Sister's Keeper Red Carpet Premiere - Cameron & Sofia My Sister's Keeper - Official Trailer
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