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Magic cube

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GihPancadinha "[…] e mesmo que eu me machucasse de novo , eu te amaria outra vez ." - João Victor (via the-magic-cube) http://t.co/WhyL66QT

Janeenlfa Toysmith Toysmith Laser Foil Magic Cube: Remember the classic rubiks cube? Here is a new twist on the cubic puzz... http://t.co/6hcKYhaX

Rickievpi YJ 3x3 Speed Cube Glow In The Dark (VVGOO-I): The YJ 3x3 Speed Cube Glow In The Dark is a premium 3 layer magic ... http://t.co/wFN6pMhs

Milaqac Eastsheen Black Mini Quadruple 2x2x2 Magic Rubik's Cube: Eastsheen cubes are high quality rotational puzzles sim... http://t.co/BERVhOJ7

LOKEQUIERAS Nuevo teclado vitual ¨Magic Cube¨ Teclado laser que opera en la oscuridad total http://t.co/nQIQOeFy

mattweidler Check this video out -- Celluon Magic Cube - World's only virtual projection keyboard and multi-... http://t.co/D0m8jSPx via @youtube

vongole1 @Fiehp http://t.co/sdXcPhnk

orbtronic The Cube - Magic Magnetic Orbs 216 Rare Earth Balls Powerful Magnets Spheres balls http://t.co/NqUgpqzu via @amazon

GuvNick @JerseyShore_TG @Ozmozis @foxyroxydm @marcantony44 Do you have a magic ice cube theory? #JFK

thisweekads Dailly Deal! $6.99 on DaYan GuHong 3-Layer Magic Cube! - - General Promotion Offered By: PickEgg Start... http://t.co/9OBnh0lj

Reynaldawot Matchbox Rubik's Magic Puzzle Link The Rings: Rubik's Magic, like Rubik's Cube, is a mechanical puzzle invented ... http://t.co/vx1d0uXF

jacquijj @jimmycarr gutted I didn't get tickets for corby cube... Sold out in 40mins... Work your magic and make this corby girl happy... :).


martinsdeedon Gosh diz magic cube is so annoying,which time I want use arrange am finish?

AidilDtho786 RT @SheikhMustaali: Erno Rubik's Magic Puzzle Cube is something that has frustrated millions of people since it's release in 1980.


does anyone know how to solve Rubik's Cube(magic cube) by c++? by mani Q: I don't know how to use c++ tree to solve the problem, can anyone help me?

A: This is how you can solve Rubik's Cube(magic cube) http://jeays.net/rubiks.htm Here is the c++ source code to Rubik's Cube(magic cube) http://www.wrongway.org/?rubiksource

What do you think of China's new "Magic Cube" supercomputer? by Jeremy Descrist Genderrmerrs Sun Q: http://en.ce.cn/National/stech/200906/17/t20090617_19334778.shtml Can any African country make something like this?

A: If they had the money, the technology & the resources.

How do you make a cube from Magic the Gathering tokens/rule inserts? by meir h Q:

A: I don't know how to make one, but I know one is called a Menger cube if that helps.

what is the technique in solving the magic cube puzzle? by Alyssa Q: here's a picture of the magic cube puzzle.. http://bestuff.com/images/images_of_stuff/210x600/magic-cube-16384.jpg?1173337172

A: google Rubiks cube and you will get the solution to it.

What songs does the Mozart magic cube kids toy play? by Rudiger Q: It's made by Embryonics or Munchkin and it plays a few different Mozart jams.

A: i totally have that, the orchestra ball? my son loves it. it plays some of the more well known ones, i dont know the names but theyre recognizable.

How to solve Magic Cube ? by Barbie N Q: Could please tell me the logic of solving a magic cube with six faces having six different colours suffeled in disorder (I mean the real solid cube.) Thanks Barbie N

A: Unless you know about group theory, there is going to be no mathematics involved to solve the Magic Cube(better known as Rubik's Cube). To read about relation between group theory and Rubik's Cube, visit http://web.usna.navy.mil/~wdj/rubik_nts.htm There are a lot of different algorithms to solve Rubik's cube. Layer by Layer is the most suitable for beginners. Fridrich method is popular among speedcubers. One that I use is mixture of these two algorithms and my average time is about 70 seconds. Good speedcubers have average of about 15 seconds. To find out more about speedcubing visit http://www.speedcubing.com/ If you just want to solve the cube without learning how to solve it, you can visit http://www.roobik.com/cgi-bin/rubix/rubix.cgi to repair your cube.

is the 3 layer square king magic cube any good? by Tipsheda Q: ive seen the fisher cube, which looks cool and i want to buy, but im only buying on amazon, so its not there. is this identical one just as good?

A: Yes, it is good. I would buy it.

What's a cool name for a robotizated rubik's magic cube that solves itself? by aoc10010001100 Q: It has to say it solves itself and that it's a rubiks cube and that it's robotizated and sound cool so people wants it. In max 2 words if possible.

A: R0bocube!

Is magic cube related to any mathematical theories?Can I solve the magic cube by using mathematics only? by Niqoay Q: If yes,but how?

A: I assume we're discussing Rubik's Cube here. (The term "Magic Cube" has been used in some marketing, but "Rubik's Cube" is probably the best-known name.) The cube is related to a field of mathematics known as group theory. The best discussion of the mathematics (and the one that helped me learn enough to solve the cube) was an article in "Scientific American" magazine, around 1981. I highly recommend it. Your best bet for finding a copy is to get hold of the book "Metamagical Themas" by Douglas R. Hofstadter. Here are a few pointers: The movable pieces are edges, which have parts of two cube faces, and corners, which have parts of three faces. By sequences of moves, these can be displaced so they wind up in different locations on the cube, and also so that they change position. We can refer to an edge which has changed position so that its face portions are opposite the way we want them to be as "flipped." We can refer to a corner which has changed the positions of its face portions as "twisted," either clockwise or counterclockwise. We can count location-swaps among pieces using something called "zoo theory," which is concerned with how many two-way swaps it would take to get them back to their starting position. It's called zoo theory because the standard example is a set of animals in the wrong cages, and only two keepers; the only way to move animals is to swap one pair between cages, each keeper handling one of them. So that if you have (a) the lion in the monkey cage, (b) the monkey in the llama cage, and (c) the llama in the lion cage, it would take 2 such two-way swaps to put them all back. With the cube, of course, you can perform multiple swaps in one operation. But it can be proven that the total number of swaps required is always even. (However, it's possible to have an odd number of swaps among edges, if there's also an odd number of swaps among corners.) It can also be proven that the total number of flipped edges is always even. If we count twists as fractions, +1/3 for a clockwise twist and -1/3 for a counterclockwise twist, it can be shown that the total number of twists is always an integer. You can have three corners all twisted in one direction, or you can have two corners twisted in opposite directions. These rules provide a basis for finding minimal "operators," sequences of moves that produce a small amount of change. These operators are the basic techniques you use to solve the cube, because they allow you to change only the parts you want while avoiding messing up the rest. My solution generally starts on one face with getting the edges correct. (Not just with the correct color on that face, but correctly positioned with respect to the adjacent faces.) Then I position the corners on that face, and after that the edges adjacent to those corners. That leaves one face and the bits adjacent to it; I first get the corners into their proper locations, then get their positions right (eliminating twists), then move the last four edges into their locations, then deal with any remaining flips. Each stage requires a more careful set of operators to avoid messing up the stages already done. There are other approaches; one of the fastest cube solvers on record promoted a "corners first" strategy. Here's an important comcept: suppose you have found an operator that will do something useful to a particular set of pieces, if they are in the proper position, but they aren't in that position. You can do this sequence: (1) Maneuver those pieces into the desired position, by whatever moves are convenient, disregarding the mess it makes of the other pieces--but remembering these moves. (2) Use your operator. (3) Repeat the sequence of moves from step (1), backward. When you finish, the effect of the operator will have been imposed on the targeted pieces, and the rest will have returned to where they started. That concept, combined with a library of operators you develop over time, amounts to a solution method. (You might find that while you're experimenting and figuring out some operators, it's good to know how to disassemble the cube and build it back in a solved state. If you half-turn a face, it becomes possible to pop out its edges when they are aligned with corners.) One powerful application I learned from the article is the concept of a "monoflip." It works like this: Suppose you come up with a series of moves that will flip one edge and not move any of the other edges on that face of the cube. (It makes a mess of the other parts of the cube, but that doesn't matter.) Now turn that face so a different edge is where the flipped edge was, and run your series of moves backward. When you turn the face back to its original position, you will have flipped both edges, and everything else will have gone back to its starting position. In addition to monoflips like that one, I now use one that works by keeping the middle "slice" of the cube the same instea

Do you know the Magic Cube Square numbers? by Shah K Q: A Magic Cube first appeared in Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" in "The New York American" in October 1932. Each face of this Magic Cube adds up to 194, and no numbers are duplicated anywhere on the cube. Do you know how those numbers are distributed on each side of the cube?

A: http://members.shaw.ca/hdhcubes/cube_unusual.htm#The Believe-it http://members.shaw.ca/hdhcubes/Image%20_Cube/Heath-4.gif

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