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Viewsonic ViewPad G70 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet to debut at MWC 2012
Sources familiar with the company's plans spilled the beans to Pocket-lint, dishing out most all the specs. The ViewSonic ViewPad G70 will feature a 7-inch 1024 x 600 high-resolution screen, which means 169ppi pixel density. The processor specs have ...

Star Wars 3D Blu-rays incoming, Episode 1 first
According to Pocket Lint, George Lucas, in partnership with Panasonic, is looking to capitalise on the recent success of the Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace 3D re-release by offering up 3D Blu-rays of the film by the Spring.

Sony: UK is last big market for plasma TV technology
During a press tour of Japan with Sony to see its 2012 AV product ranges, Pocket-lint has learnt that the UK is the last hold-out in the LCD versus plasma TV skirmish that has raged since both technologies were introduced to our shores.

Trading remains dull amid firm spot rate
Traders said the buyers and sellers in Punjab and Sindh remained selective for lint of all grades while private sector commercial exporters strengthened their inventories by making deals for all grades at around Rs 4100 per maund to Rs 4400 per maund.

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what is the best type of lint roller i can buy? by dovebird Q: i have alot of black clothing and i have two white dogs that shed a lot of hair most of my clothes are covereed with white hairs I use the sticker rollers but noticed that it fades the black color maybe becuase of all the glue that the roller has and the pulling. any other suggestions? I also have a black wool coat that attracts a lot of lint what should I use?

A: Instead of a lint roller, Put them in the drier on air, no heat, for ten minutes.

How to prevent lint on sheets after washing? by Paprika Q: I have an old washer (which I can't afford to replace at the moment) and dark brown sheets/pillow cases. When I wash them I can't believe how much lint they end up covered in. Once they dry I have to take a lint roller and spend about an hour cleaning them. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Is it my sheets?

A: It's not an issue with your washer..It's what you are washing the sheets with. Some items are lint takers like sheets. Some are lint givers like towels. Try washing and drying the sheets separately. If this is not your issue clean the machine by removing the agitator rinsing it and wiping the spindle carefully then running a wash with 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup baking soda. This will loosen any soap and lint build up in the machine.

How do I stop getting lint and pet hair on my finished laundry? by Q: It is more noticeably on black sweats but all of my clothes come out loaded with lint and pet hair. What to do?

A: clean your drying filter regular, after each load. that helps.

Easiet way to remove dryer lint from the filter? by Tom G Q: I have one spot on my dryer filter that attracts lint that I can't easily peel off like the the rest of the filter. I usually remove and wipe off the filter every 2 or 3 times I dry clothes, but one huge spot I have to work at. Any suggestions?

A: Sounds like you are getting a build up of dryer sheet residue. Rinse the screen under warm running water.You can also add a drop of dish soap and scrub with a old tooth brush. Rinse well and dry well.:)

How can I get rid of patches of lint from dark clothing after laundering? by Q: The problem only happens on my dark clothes. I have tried vinegar, softeners, and lint brushes. I have tried washing separately directly after an 'empty' wash and the lint still comes! I don't mix fluffy fabrics with dark items. I use liquid detergent.

A: If you really want to get rid of it get a lint roller at walmart, cost bout a dollar or 2 and they do work. Speaking from experience.

How do you clean a lint filter from a dryer? by finzup77 Q: I can't seem to get all the lint out of the filter . it's clogged. Is there an easy way to clean it? I heard putting it through the dishwasher might work but am afraid to try. Any suggestions?

A: I pull the lint by hand. I also have a lint brush specifically made for the dryer to put down into where the filter goes to get any other lint. When it starts to "clog" the filter, I use a soapy sponge to wash the filter by hand. Let it air dry and put back.

how do you avoid having lint sticking to your laundry? by tkdmike Q: every time i wash my clothes there's lint all over it and i have to use the roller to get it off. is there any way that i can just avoid it?

A: Use liquid fabric softener. I never have a lint problem and that's what I use.

Getting rid of lint from towels? by Dinesh P Q: I had recently gone adead brought some new towels from a store close to my house. Usually when I buy new clothing from a store, I tend to wash them before using them. This time around I had gone ahead washed the towels without reading the washing instructions (you can easily say that this is my fault). The washer was set at warm wash, from a previous load of laundry done. After washing and drying my towels, I noticed lint on the towels. The wasing instructions clearly said, wash cold, which I didn't do. This is my questions: How do you get rid of already existng lint from a towel?

A: a few years ago I bought these little balls that collect lint in both the washer and dryer--has worked for me. I think I bought them from one of those catalogs on home helps. Not sure which one since multiple catalogs are delivered. Sometimes I just go to the local hardware stores where home products are sold. this is great if you are in a metropolitan area and not out in areas where shopping is at a distance or ther are limited supplies.

What are your feelings about lint in a belly button? by •♥ηic☮ℓë♥• Q: I didn't think it was an actual thing, until my fiance took his shirt off and low and behold, there was a piece of lint in his belly button. It was weird.

A: I have a lint monster in mine...RAWR

How do I clean a lint picker brush? by Mirza Hakimi Q: One of those inexpensive red-felt lint picker brushes for clothes that you find at the local pharmacy store. What's the proper way to clean the brush?

A: it picks up lint while brushing in one direction ... to clean, brush onto a rag in the opposite direction

How to remove the lint from black designs? by playmaster357 Q: I have a white shirt with some words written across it completely. Problem is that the more I use the shirt the more the words get lint on them. How can I remove it?

A: no

How do I get lint and dog fur out of a Boucle sweater? by Tyson&Chino Q: I have tried a lint roller but it doesn't work and my dog's fur seems to be stuck in the fabric. I could pick out all the dog hairs but that would be a real pain. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Boucle cannot be placed in a dryer.

A: Just throw it in dryer a few minutes with dryer sheet and as it tumbles it will remove the dog hair however if really bad may need to do it a couple times

How do you prevent lint from sticking to a hot clothes iron? by Sam Q: When I iron my shirts, there is a white buildup on the non-stick surface of the iron. It seems to be lint but even when I clean it off, it comes right back. I do use spray starch too. Does this cause it? HELP!!!

A: Place a mildly damp tea towel over your clothes you are ironing, or the old fashion way is to use brown paper.

How do i get lint off of black cordory and black velour/velvet? by Lil Miss Answershine Q: I had a bright idea to refresh all my winter clothes at once...dumb... I am going to get a tape roller but i was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions that would really help get the lint off the garments. (various corded pants, velor jacket/sweatsuit and velvet jacket. i threw everything in the dryer for 10 minutes on low seating with a dryer sheet hoping to refresh them (they have been in plastic tubs since last winter)

A: Any kind of tape - sellotape, packing tape, masking tape ... whatever you have around the place. Wrap it around your hand loosely (sticky side out ;-)) and dab away the lint. Cheaper than a lint roller too! :-)

Does anyone know any other way to get rid of lint on clothes besides a lint brush? by U DON'T KNOW ME!! Q: I mean I have a pair of pants that attract every piece of lint in existence. So first I put them in the dryer with a dryer sheet. That got rid of some of it. Then I took one of those sticky paper get rid of lint thingys and that didn't work either. Help! Yea I have one of those Scotch sticky "get of lint roller thingys" and it didn't work.

A: I try the dryer with a slightly damp cloth, it seems to work pretty good.

How do I get lint ball off of clothes without having to pick each one off individualy? by Sylvia Q: The clothes just came out of the dryer with lots of lint balls and all I have is tape and thats not working.

A: Use a shaver on them like you shave your legs with. Be very careful not to nick the material...

What is the purpose of belly button lint and why does it smell like cheese? by Q: Or does cheese smell liek belly button lint? Have you ever put BB lint on a cracker?

A: It's just a location for it to accumulate. If you are doing BB lint on a cracker, don;t forget the toe jam

How do I remove lint and hair off of my fishnet stockings? by Q: I know I probably shouldn't wash my fishnets and my patterned stockings but I'm lazy and I do anyways and it doesn't help that I have 2 dogs and a cat. I have no idea how to get all of the lint and hairs off of my beloved patterned tights but I know that someone out there must have a magic trick for this kind of thing. Thanks!

A: I normally would suggest tape or a lint roller- but your fishnets are probably a little too fragile to take that. Try fluffing them in a dryer with no heat and nothing else in the dryer with them. Good luck!

Is there a way to keep lint off of black 100% cotton twill? by ☆skyblue Q: I don't know if there is a solution to my problem. I bought a trendy black trench coat. It's 100% cotton twill. Whenever I wear a light colored sweater under it, the coat is covered in fuzz and lint. As I use a lint brush again & again to clean it off, I begin to wonder if there is an easier solution. Is there a way to treat my coat so it doesn't collect so much lint? I recall owning a pair of black twill pants a long time ago and having the same problem. Is there something I can do besides constantly using the lint brush?

A: Take it to the dry cleaners and ask them to water proof it for you. That should make it easier to get any lint off and will reduce the amount of lint that builds up. Make sure you ask them for special cleaning instuctions after they water proof it.

How can I prevent lint from clinging to my Egyptian cotton sheets? by Backroads Q: They're not the best quality sheets, but they're there so I use them. However, they're always covered in lint, it's insane. I use fabric softeners, vinegar, everything.

A: Is the lint track in your dryer cleaned? That is usually at the top of your dryer. Otherwise try washing it by itself and then toss it into the dryer by itself. Push comes to shove, you will just have to use a lint roller on it.

How can I clean lint that comes from the dryer vent? by zach Q: My dryer vents out next to my front door. Lint builds up on the brick and walkway. I can't find a way to get it up because it has hardened. Is there any way I can get it up easily?

A: i use bleach water and a wire brush and then hose it down afterwards

How do I get lint off of clothes that a lint roller/brush misses? by nocrustplzkthx Q: So I have a lot of lint on my clothes that none of the lint rollers or brushes will get out. Is there anything besides the rollers that works well?

A: Masking tape...Duct tape

What happens when you dry your clothes without the lint screen? by ♪ Tony's girl ♪ Q: My boyfriend recently took out the lint screen out of our laundry dryer and didn't replace it until after a few dries. He said the lint would just go through the pipe and out. I told him the lint would clog up the dryer and now it takes a long time for it to dry our clothes. So who's right? If I am, how can I unclog it. - Yes, I said, I, because he promises he'll do it but it never happens. Men! Sometimes they don't listen.

A: yeah, i'm pretty sure that you're right. if you take the lint trap out, then all the lint is just going to get sucked up and that will clog. not sure how to unclog it though.....sorry. oh and i KNOW what you mean about men. my husband has been getting his butt kicked recently and it's actually working:) good luck!

How does the dryer actually make lint? by Q: When I do laundry and turn the dryer on after moving the wet clothes from the washer, I've always wondered how lint is made during the drying process. Is there a special process that causes the dryer to create lint?

A: The lint must definitely be from the clothes, because when I wash "white" the lint is also white, red is red, black is black, and so on.... I don't think there is a "special process" that does it, just the friction of (almost) dry fabric rubbing at each other and braking off, wool much more so than e.g. linnen.

How to get lint from black bed set? by Busted Q: I bought a black bedset, so that means black cover, black sheets, black pillow cases and etc. But when I wash them, the washer machine or whatever get all this lint over them and it is very apparent since it is black. So is there a way to get the lint out and keep it out? OTHER than have to use a lint roller over all of them. I hope this isn't the only way! LOL.

A: depends on the blend but you can: 1. dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe the sheets down the moisture will disengage the static electricity. 2. put the fitted sheet on first and try vacuuming the lint of with the upholstery attachment (the one with the brush) In the future you may want to check the lint trap and use a dryer sheet.

How to keep lint and hair off of dark clothes? by debodun Q: Since cooler weather, I've been wearing darker colored clothing. I'm having a problem with lint, dust and pet hair sticking to them. The more I use the lint brush, the more it seems to attract these troublesome items. How can I keep lint off the clothes without using expensive or aerosol chemicals (I know these are commercially available) to control the static which I assume is causing this?

A: Using Dryer Sheets when you dry your clothes will help. But nothing is going to completely prevent you from getting lint and hair on your clothes. Unfortunately, dark clothes show lint more. There's no way around that. Wool is the very worst for attracting and holding lint and hair, so avoid wool clothing if you want to minimize hair and lint. Use a lint roller, especially right before you launder your clothes. That will help a lot, too. You can buy lint rollers at most grocery stores.

How do I clean under the lint trap in my dryer? by Anne Q: I have an LG-he dryer and there's tons of lint under the lint trap. How do I get it out? little - great idea! The vac nozzle doesn't fit. I'll have to pick up some of those brushes tomorrow.

A: Linens and things sells this cool little box of dryer cleaning gizmos. One is a round bristle brush with a long handle for cleaning out the vent duct. The other 2 are for cleaning out the lint trap. One is a long skinny brush you push down in there and pull out the lint. The other is a vacuum attachment that is really long, skinny and flexible. it can get way down in there. The Kit is only $20 and worth it cause trapped lint can cause a dryer fire.

How do we keep getting lint in our pockets? by Q: Seems like, if you clean the lint out or even wash the item, you will find lint in those same pockets later. How does it magically reappear?

A: Lint is nothing but little tiny peices of fabric that rubs off from your clothes. To avoid getting it in you pockets when you do laundry just pull the pockets wrong side out. Turning all of your clothes wrong side out helps prevent lint from getting on them as well.

How do you get rid of lint on black jeans? by jml210 Q: My mom has had a continue problem with lint on her black jeans. She does use a lint brush, but the lint comes right back. We don't have any pets. She would like to know if there is a solution to the constant problem of lint. My thought lint is a fact of life. Any thoughts would be great.

A: Bounce just started selling a fabric sheet that repels pet hair. Maybe that would work for lint too.

How to get rid of lint and dust in the washing machines? by Vivian C Q: Everytime I use the washing machine, I find lint and dust end up on a few piece of garments. It could be on a towel, a shirt, or a blanket. Where do they come from? Are the lint and dust inside my machine? How do I get rid of them?

A: If your machine has an a center agitator, you may have a cloth, sock or something under the agitator getting torn up leaving fuzz on your cloths. But before you take it apart. Have you completely separated your cloths prior to washing? Towels only with towels, dark colors only with dark colors, etc... . Maybe there is a piece of clothing that is causing this that you haven't realized. Another thing you may try prior to dismantling, is to run your machine through a complete wash cycle with a couple gallons of white vinegar. The vinegar will clean all soap scum build up and if you have fuzz stuck to soap build up it will release on your cloths each time you wash. After your vinegar wash, I always will run another wash cycle with just water to make sure it's rinsed out well.

How do I prevent all of the lint on my clothes after washing? by JF84 Q: Every time I wash and dry clothes, especially dress clothes, they come out completely covered with lint. I sort clothes so I wash towels with towels, slacks with slacks, darks with darks, etc. Also, I always keep my dryer lint trap emptied, but still the lint covers my clothes. What do I do?

A: i like chocolate milk!!!

How do you get lint and all those little fuzzies off a North Face jacket? by Taffa. ♥ Q: I got my best friend a North Face jacket for her birthday but she wants a different size so I need to exchange it. It's been in my car for a few days though, and I don't know what happened to it but it's covered in lint and little fuzz balls everywhere! I've tired washing it and using a lint roller but it doesn't even touch it. How do I get it off?

A: If you washed the jacket and it appears washed, the store will not take it back.

How do you get lint balls off of black spandex shorts? by Argyle Socks Q: I've used Bounce dryer sheets, but all they left was a weird white powder, and lint rollers but they're still there. How do I get rid of them? I don't want to have to purchase a special lint ball remover or anything :/ I've also heard that vinegar works, but how does vinegar remove lint from clothing? There are hundreds of them. I'm definitely not picking them off one by one.

A: There are clothes razors for that. I have one and it works great. It gets rid of fuzzies off of blankets and sweaters etc. If you don't want to get one of those, then use a regular razor. Careful though because spandex is elastic and you can easily pull a thread and then you would have to buy a new pair.

How do you get lint off a heet that has been through the wash twice? by khaki1949 Q: HThey arae 400 count sheets and I do not know where the lint came from. They are my Son's from college. The lint is white.

A: bite them off

How do you clean lint from the rough side of velcro? by L.K. Q: I have some shoes that I got at a garage sale for my brother. They close with velcro and they are full of lint because I washed them them with a few old towels. I pulled as much out as I could with my fingers. There still is quite a bit there. They are nice black shoes but look ridiculous with the pink lint on the velcro. He has to change his shoes for gym class.

A: slide a straight pin along the empty rows & lift up. Maybe a hairbrush or fingernail brush to lift them up, then pick off the loose ones w/ your fingers or maybe apply tape & rip it off repeatedly.

How do You remove lint from a black Acrylic sweater? by Patricia M Q: This is a black cable knit sweater that I washed in the washer now it has white lint all over it . How do I remove the lint?

A: Any sticky tape will do it.

What causes the fuzzy lint balls at the bottom of my shirt? by mc Q: I recently wore a new shirt and I've noticed (along with all my other shirts) that on the back bottom part, there's like little lint balls that aren't removable. The whole backside has like this fuzzy quality compared to the rest of the shirt and there's balls of lint I guess, but when I try to pick them out, like parts of the threads (?) pull off with it. What are these and how can I prevent them? I didn't even wash this shirt yet, how did this happen?

A: The lint balls or "pills" are caused by abrasion. Could be your belt, underwear, hairy butt, office chair, car seat, or any other item that comes in contact with the back of your shirt. You can only prevent them by taking away the abrasion causing surface.

How do I get lint off my towels? by star12345 Q: I washed some new dark towels with new light ones and now they are all just covered in the dark lint. I tried everything - lint rollers, razors, and washing them in vinegar (twice!). Nothing worked. Any other ideas?

A: This happened to me once and might sound dumb but I finally used my vacumm attachment and it worked on mine.

How do I keep lint from attracting to my dark clothes? by mmmkkk0406 Q: I've used liquid fabric softner, fabric softner sheets and I still end up with lint fuzzies on my dark clothes. I use a lint roller and it seems like its no time and the fuzzies are back. Any suggestions?

A: You might try spraying your clothing with Static Guard...You can find it at any Wal-Mart and most grocery stores in the laundry detergent section.

How can I clean all of the lint from my Maytag electric dryer? by Mrs. Fuzzy Bottoms Q: The lint trap is on the inside and I clean it before every use but when I remove the lint screen I can see lint down in where it is almost impossible to get at with a vacuum. Any ideas out there?

A: for a quick fix get an empty cardboard paper towel roll and put it on the end of your vacuum hose, you can then flatten the end of the cardboard and insert it into the dryer duct, or any other place that is hard to reach.

How do i remove lint from a lint brush? by disk bitten Q: I use a lint brush to remove lint from furniture, clothing etc. Of course the lint just gets transferred to the brush. What's the easiest way of removing the collected lint from the brush?

A: Use a length of masking tape. Apply the sticky side to your lint brush and it will cleanly remove the lint.

Does a full lint trap disable the heating element in a dryer? by bob Q: Does a full lint trap disable the heating element in a dryer? my friend contend that a full lint trap stops the dryer from heating up. I contend it just obstruct the airflow prevent hot air from circulating Our dryer is fine :) My roommate is arguing that our heat for our apartment isn't working because the filter maybe full... Just like a Dryer doesn't heat up when the lint trap is full. Random and stretched logic i know.

A: As far as the drier goes you are both right. The clogged lint trap will A.) trip the thermal switch and cut off the heater element and B.) Limit the flow of circulating hot air which will leave the clothes hot but not dry. As far as the heat in your home goes the clogged furnace filter could be a very good reason the heat is not coming out of the vent. GOOD LUCK!!

How do you get the lint out of the lint trap? by momoxyz Q: When I remove the lint filter you can see all the remaining lint inside the machine. But I can't get it with my hands. Is there a safe tool to use to clean it?

A: They make brushes for that specific purpose. You can buy them at most home improvement stores and some appliance stores. Or you can try to use the vaccum - very tricky.

Why is there so much lint with newer washing machines? by houston Q: Older machines had removable lint trays that fit over the cylinder/agitator, but newer machines does not have this. I have found that there is much more lint on my clothes. i.e. when I don't have a full load of towels, I sometime throw in a few pair of my husbands Hanes (underwear), but the inside band are coated with tiny beads/balls of lint & it's seems velcroed to the inside band of the underwear. This never occurred before.

A: i have the same problem, i hope you get an answer

Why is lint accumulating throughout the inside of my house? by Tara Q: When my laundry room addition was first done it had no outside vent for the dryer exhaust. Now we have put in an outside vent and the lint is still all over everything in the house. Its not dust, its lint. Is there anything I can do to solve this?

A: It's coming from somewhere so find it's source. Is it possible lint settled into AC/Heat duct and is being circulated through house? Check your dryer vent connection to be sure it didn't come loose. Check to be sure it isn't clogged. I have a habit of cleaning lint off the dryer exhaust vent outside the home whenever I walk past it. No open windows or vents near dryer exhaust? Beyond checking the vent to be sure that it is properly connected try to reason it out.

My lint trapper has an offensive odor what can I do to get rid of the smell? by Q: I have a Kenmore Elite Gas dryer. I just noticed an offensive odor yesterday. It was coming from the lint trapper. I took the machine apart and vacuumed all that I could see but my lint trapper still smells really bad. It is not a gas leak for sure. I got my father to check it, he works for a gas company. Any suggestions?

A: Check the exhaust tube that goes out of the house. An animal may have gotten trapped and died in it. If that is clear, call Sears Service, it could be that the motor is overheating. Good Luck!!!!!!

how do I clean the lint below the lint trap-front loading admiral gas dryer? by Lawrence C Q: We are careful to always clean the lint trap before drying, however recently there is an odor like hot lint, and there is quite a lot of lint below the lint trap. In previous dryers, there is enough room to put a nozzle from a vacuum down to clean the bottom of the dryer. This dryer has a lint trap holder which is too narrow to allow anything down to remove the lint, and we cannot remove the lint trap holder. Please advise!

A: you can use a dryer lint brush such as the one shown in this link http://www.lillianvernon.com/catalog/product_display.jsp?pdId=10329

How do you remove lint/hair from upholstery? by Jack L Q: The chairs at our church are covered with lint/hair. The lint/hair are into the fiber of the upholstery. I have tried the lint brushes that use sticky paper and the ones that you rub in one direction, but they don't even touch the lint/hair.

A: I also with the duct tape idea. I have used that so many time to get lint and animal hair off of stuff... works great!

What is lint and why does it get trapped in your bellybutton? by SpiralCycle Q: I've found that people get lint even if they are nudists. What gives? Oh- and I'm a woman- I've never gotten bellybutton lint. Is it just me or do women tend to not get bellybutton lint?

A: People with hairy tummys get it because the hair all points to the belly button so any dust is swept in that direction! Don't worry loads of girls have hair on their tummy :)

How do I get rid of excess lint showing up on my clothes after washing them? by bettiegrl Q: I have a two year old Frigidaire top-loading washing machine with a "self-cleaning" lint filter. Since I've had this washer, I have noticed that it leaves behind a lot more lint than my old washer which had a lint trap inside the tub that could be easily removed and cleaned. Over time, more and more lint is left behind after the wash cycle has completed. It's to the point now where I have to run a lint brush over every single thing that I wash to remove the lint. I've tried those "lint balls" that you toss in the washer to catch excess lint with no luck. Since I cannot afford a new washing machine, does anyone have any tips for correcting this problem? Does anyone know if the lint trap can be easily cleaned out to correct the problem? (The manual indicates that the lint trap is not accessible to the owner of the machine.) In respond to the first answerer, I only use liquid detergent. (I don't use the powder type.) Could liquid FABRIC SOFTENER be the problem?

A: NATURAL LINT. Some linting is a natural occurrence. ABRASION CAUSES SHORT NATURAL FIBERS TO BREAK OFF AND FORM LINT. Lint is trapped in the self-cleaning lint filter and then flushed out of the washer when it drains and spins. DETERGENT TRAPS LINT DURING WASH AND HOLDS IT IN SUSPENSION UNTIL IT IS FLUSHED OUT. Use the recommended amount of detergent to prevent lint re-deposition. ADEQUATE WATER PRESSURE AND PROPER DRAINING HELP REMOVE LINT FROM THE WASH LOAD. Be sure inlet hoses and drain hose are not kinked or clogged. SORTING. Sort lint producing items from lint attracting items. PAPER OR OTHER OBJECTS LEFT IN CLOTHES POCKETS. Remove tissues and paper from pockets before laundering. STATIC ELECTRICITY. To reduce static electricity, use fabric softener and avoid over-drying. LINT REMOVAL. Remove lint with a lint brush or roller or rewash and dry items in the dryer if possible. DETERGENT RESIDUE. Detergent residue is a white substance resembling lint which can leave streaks on garments and make them appear dull and rough. This can be caused by undissolved powder detergent, too little detergent, poor rinsing due to overloading, misuse of liquid fabric softener, hard water, inexpensive detergents, and low water pressure.

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