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janraasch My little nephew took a photograph of his Mum. I'm pretty sure he'll be huge on instagram. :D http://t.co/PgHaYBQ3

kmooks Photo: One of my big loves; home cooked dinners… (Taken with instagram) http://t.co/wBXMGzsP

gabrielletorino Follow my instagram gabrielletorino (:

ddecandia Photo: Awesome childhood memory find whilst cleaning my room. (Taken with instagram) http://t.co/tWLGZ2o9

ILOVEJONAScgd Gimme your instagram names, I like loadsa pictures on my feed :D!

Svettalove Great! Сегодня день социальных сетей. Я зарегался где только можно: Flickr, Instagram, forsquare.

novelio Instagram potrebbe introdurre presto la funzione di video sharing http://t.co/f7wAQ4XD

TakumiCanon @EdithBlackwater ぼっちフラグwwそれはまずいですね、しばらくはペットなしで我慢することにします(笑)ありがとうございます^^instagramっておしゃれに撮れますね~

qtaro9999 Photoggle - スイッチで簡単画像加工 / レタッチしてinstagramに渡せるっていいね。期間限定無料みたい。

GeorgeHopkin Instagram to introduce video sharing, sooner rather than later http://t.co/RlDnZ4ep #li

feetpleasure http://t.co/XxETy9dA #foot #soles #barefoot #fetish #footfetish http://t.co/wBOKsOks... http://t.co/LfJWt7XU http://t.co/XxETy9dA

feetpleasure http://bit.ly/96sEH9#beach#sand#water#dress#tan#toes#cute#life http://t.co/GPvKPG6x http://t.co/XxETy9dA

feetpleasure #soles http://t.co/XxETy9dA #arches #foot #fetish #high #heels #sun #beach #girls #sexy #long... http://t.co/tQz3UBFF http://t.co/XxETy9dA

feetpleasure test development http://t.co/XxETy9dA #toes #toering #toenails #blackpolish #fetish #footfetish http://t.co/eOO5Y2QO http://t.co/XxETy9dA

comiwho himikoさんの写真 http://t.co/YxkFO4Cb via @instagram


How can i use smileys at instagram? by pinky Q: I have instagram on my ipod touch and i see everyone is using smileys. how? i mean, like the "Tranditional" way :) :( :@ ?

A: There´s a free Emoji app. Install it and then go to Settings,General,Keyboard, International keyboard,Add new keyboard and select Emoji.Then go to Instagram and when typing, click on the icon as if you wanted to change the language and you´ll see the icons.

How do you save other people's photos on instagram? by Henrietta Q: If you see a picture that you really like on instagram, how do you save it to your iPod touch photos??

A: take a screen shot by pressing the power button and the circle button at the same time. then upload it again to instagram on the "normal " setting, and the exact picture will be saved in your library (:

How do you get more followers on twitter and instagram? by rebeccapolsh333 Q: How do you get more followers. People have so many! Btw mine are twitter: alexisisabellak and instagram: lexxingtonn

How do you print pics you've taken with Instagram? by Penny Lane Q: How do you print the pics you've taken with Instagram on the iPhone? Am I missing how to save them to my phone? I'm not super interested in sharing all the pics with everyone, I'd like to print mine off. Any tips? Hopefully ones that don't suggest buying more apps.

A: pics you've taken with instagram are automatically saved to your phone, that is they are if you're using the app right (no offence). When you've taken the pic, and you get to the bit with the effects, do you click on 'next' or 'back'? if you click on back, it gets rid of the pic. Click next, then done and it's saved to your phone. Once you've done that you can transfer them to your computer. If you're using a mac, you can import them via iPhoto. If on a PC, i know there's an equivalent but i'm not sure what. Once transferred, you can print them off :)

What site can I go on to view instagram pictures? by Pattie Patty Q: I don't have a itouch or a iPhone and I want to view Selena Gomez's instagram pictures and all of them, i went on one site and it only had 5, so if you know a site I can go on to get and look at all of her pictures i would appreciate it. Thanks

A: One of the disadvantages of instagram is that you can't use it by a web browser. You have to use it via the iPhone app

How to get old version of Instagram on iPhone? by nugget Q: I have the iphone 4s and I have the newest version of Instagram (2.0.4). I don't like it because it doesn't have the same effects as the old one. Can someone please tell me how to get it back. Thanks

what camera has filters similar to instagram? by deFT Q: i really like the filters that instagram provides. are there any portable cameras that can take good quality pics and apply an "instagram" filter? it doesnt have to be ultra portable, but i'm not looking for something big either. something that can easily be carried around my neck would be good. most i'm willing to spend is 200$. maybe a little more if it's worth it

How do I figure out which email address I registered my Instagram account under? by .Potential.Ace. Q: I forgot my password to my Instagram account due to buying a different phone. In an attempt to reset my password, I also come to find that I forgot which email address I put it under. Is there a way to figure this out? My other phone broke and I cannot access my instagram information.

A: How the flaming heck is anyone on here supposed to be able to answer that. If you are that bright that you don't know or can't remember what accounts you have then there is really no hope for you is there.

How do I get multiple pictures into one instagram picture? by Bob Q: How do I get multiple pictures into one instagram (the iPhone app) picture? I see alot of people doing it now, and cant figure it out.

A: Go to your profile albums and upload the photos, using "Simple Uploader" or other photo apps. Good luck!

Is there anyway to use instagram without an iphone? by ElectricFeel23 Q: I enjoy photography and a lot of my friends use instagram. I was wondering if there is any way to use it without an iphone maybe through facebook or something. If there isn't any other way do you know if they are planning to expand and maybe make an android application or add support for a computer?

A: The way to use instagram without an iPhone is to use it with an iPad :D I'm just kidding, due to good review here: http://24hiphone.com/news/daily-app-instagram-2362.html you can go to their home page (http://instagr.am/) and contact them if they are planning to expand and maybe make an android application or add support for a computer. Regards.

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