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Two Foot Locker stores shut in Austin and fights break out in Charlotte
'One kid was trampled and hurt his arm, maybe even broke it,' a Troy Police spokesman told Patch, after shoppers had lined up at two Foot Locker stores from 4am for the highly-anticipated shoes. Air Jordans are hugely lucrative for Nike and bring in ...

Shopper Injured in Early-Morning Air Jordan Release at Somerset Collection
Troy Police were called to Foot Locker stores at The Somerset Collection and Oakland Mall after crowds waiting for the shoe became "unruly." By Jen Anesi A shopper at Foot Locker in The Somerset Collection may have broken his arm after a crowd became ...

Foot Locker Shares Climbing Higher, Up 3.3%
Up 3.3% to $24.10, Foot Locker (NYSE:FL), is one of today's notable movers. The Dow is trading fractionally higher to 12127 and the S&P is currently up 0.3% to 1248. In the past 52 weeks, shares of Foot Locker have traded between a low of $16.66 and a ...

Foot Locker Is A Buy
Foot Locker has been trending quietly higher within an established channel over the last five months, allowing for great entries along the way. This could be one of those opportunities. Here's why.. The daily chart shows FL has developed a clear, ...

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creek757 RT @itskaye: "@KingPromo757: RT @dayb11: Patrick Henry mall Footlocker #concords smh http://t.co/bjY4QEnl<<; yoooo wtf" lmao happens every yr man lls

Mind_YoTweets Rt"@DMVWeMajor: They ROBBED FootLocker For Them #Concords EXCLUSIVE PICTURE http://t.co/E44If8oj"

__DecemberXIX @fuckloveDRINK kids footlocker

JoshuaPotter2 Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011: West Genesee's Leff third at Footlocker finals http://t.co/sui6TSS4

_ANNAmiChele "@daddie_princess: Want a Nike shirt to wear Sunday , where can I get one at ?"footlocker duh

JustDoIt_Kiyy @daddie_princess champs footlocker

Darrio_Tangi Fuxk you footlocker you finally have the Jordan's but not my size

Slick_Rick_RRR I was just there RT @O_idgaf: @RON_4yourmoney footlocker at Turtle creek mall in Hattiesburg.

MiSsBoSs3 Watching the news and Laaawwwwd these people was fighting, trampling each other, and robbing footlocker stores. WTF???

MjayyHoee @daddie_princess footlocker or tj max or maybe Hibbit sports

Dreadz_N_Tattz Wat does Footlocker expect to happen wen each store has 2 size 12's, 1 size 11, no 10's, 6 size 8 1/2's! Sumbody gotta Die!

_BoundtobeLOVED RT @_lahbree: "@IHave_AFuTure: They robbed footlocker for them 11s #Concords http://t.co/ZvLboirl" smh.

RaMarcooooo Why this nigga Jim Jones walk around with a plastic V on his Footlocker polo?

Freakinn_Rebel @__FckABword Ma OG And We Went To Footlocker 87th,Finishline And City sports !


With a footlocker gift card, can you buy online with it? by g4rf1eld10 Q: I have a 40$ giftcard to footlocker. Can I buy things from footlocker online with it?

A: yes you can all you have to do is put in the numbers on the back of the card after you put everything in you cart (shopping cart) and then put you info and then it will come in the mail

Can Finishline or Footlocker restock on a new shoe or order more? by Q: I'm looking to get the new Jordan Retro 5 Metallic Silver but they don't have my size online. Will Finishline or Footlocker restock soon or can i go to the store and order my size off their computer? or is their another place that have an size 8 1/2 or 9. The Shoes were released on August 20th 2011.

A: yes

What are the rules for Footlocker discounts from McDonalds Monopoly? by China Q: Because apparently there are sneakers you cant use the discounts on. The girl who goes get the shoes said I wont find out if I can use it until I go to pay. WTF is that? Why cant they just say you can use it on these but not these, or not on new sneakers. I wanted to buy some Nike Dunks, and the girl said I cant use the discount, so how do I find out beforhand what I can use it on?

A: The coupon states " Non-Sale Items Only. Restrictions Apply. See Official Rules ". My suggestion would be to study the "Official Rules" at footlocker.com and make the purchase on-line. Sometimes sales clerks are not correct.

Whats the difference of a footlocker outlet? by nnnnnnnn Q: wats the difference between a footlocker outlet from a regular one? Is it cheaper and does it have all products that a regular footlocker has?

Am I able to change a pair of shoes that I bought from footlocker in UK in Sweden? by Q: I bought a pair of basketball shoes from the Footlocker in the UK. The thing is that I've only used them 6-7 times or so and the sole has come loose at the heel. Now my question is am I able to change the shoes or at least get them fixed or something where I live?

A: Best bet is contacting them and asking them yourself.

what will happen if i order 2 shoe at once from footlocker? will the package come in a bigger box? by Q: what will happen if i order 2 shoes at once from footlocker? will the package come in a bigger box? i wanna order 2 shoes but i am afraid that they will only ship one pair what will happen?

A: you'll probably just get two boxes, one with each pair of shoes in it. nothing to worry about?

I have an interview at footlocker, Do I have to know all the shoe brands? by animelover45 Q: The shoes at footlocker are not really that of my style, so I dont really know much about their shoes. Do I have to know all of the brands and names if they hire me, or will I be able to learn overtime?

A: know you really dont need to know all of that my friend works at footlocker you just have to know where the shoes are have good style know how to meausure a foot have style to help people with what they want and know how to work a cash register

What do I wear to footlocker northeast regional XC meet? by Q: I am not sure if im allowed to wear my high school uniform to the footlocker northeast regional meet?

A: G-string

How old do you have to be work for Footlocker? by chrisbrowndyme Q: Im trying to get a summer job working at Footlocker.

A: it depends on where u live at i live in conn. and u have to get a blue card starting from 8 th grade all i have to do is ask

For mcdonalds monopoly! when you go to footlocker, you can just give them the small sticker? by Anonymous Q: I have this 20% off purchase at footlocker code, so do i go to footlocker and buy a pair of shoes and get 20% off just like that or is it not that easy?

A: Yeah, thats what I did. When I went to pay, I asked "do you guys take these things here" and they took my sticker and took my 20% off.

What to wear for footlocker job interview? by Lisa R Q: I have an interview at Footlocker tomorrow and when the woman called to set up date and time she said to make sure I dress casual, he will be looking for that. At the time I was too excited to ask questions but then it hit me afterwards, casual? For an interview? What exactly should I wear? Jeans? Please help! I am a woman

A: Nice jeans and a polo

where I can found the footlocker in singapore? by me_as_jo2_11 Q: I Want to buy some basketball shoes in singapore..Where can I found footlocker in singapore.

A: Idk..., but if you look hard Im sure youll find a sweatshop that makes what your looking for. Find a site that sells them online and have them shipped.

How do i get footlocker vip code? by Q: I signed up for footlocker vip to receive coupons but when I log in I can't because I don't know my vip code cause I didn't get it.

A: http://www.discountstorm.com/Apparel/FootLocker-com-Discount-Codes/index.html

what time should i wake up to get in line at Footlocker to get the concord 11 Jordan's? by sport Q: I want to wake up at 3 am but im not sure if that is early enough, the store opens at 7 am? Does any one know if you can use the platinum VIP member savings with the shoes ? I was thinking of buying the shoes at Footlocker, but it seems that most of the people don't know the ans to these fairly easy questions. Thank you.

Can you use 2 footlocker giftcards on the same shoe? by Q: I have 2 footlocker giftcards for a total of $50 ($25 each) and I really want to buy Kobe zoom V for my basketball practices and games. Could I use my $85 plus both of the giftcards to buy these shoes that cost $130? Or can I not use both giftcards?

A: Yea they'll accept both. Plus, you can open a free account thing and get like 15% off your first purchase and then percentages off of other things too. The only thing they won't take more than 1 at a time of are coupons. Email me if you want. [email protected]

Does the shoe cleaner (the foamy thing that whitens your shoes) from Footlocker work well? by Acadfkj D Q: I got tar on my white leather Air Max 90 from tar paper while fixing a roof, and I can't get the damn tar off. Will the cleaner from Footlocker work?

A: yeah i used it and it worked but save yourself somemoney and just use the clorox (or other brand) kitchen wipes they work on leather shoes too

How to dress for interview at footlocker? by Q: Okay i'am 17 and I have a job interview coming up very soon, only problem is i don't really know what would be an acceptable dress code for an interview with footlocker. I want to stray away from suites and ties only because i feel that it is very important to stand out during an interview and what better way to do that then to dress differently but still look the part. All comments are greatly appreciated, and please feel leave tips ! =)

A: where shoes from footlocker. where their employee uniform. (it might be khakis and a polo) dress nicely!

How long do shoes take to come in from Footlocker? by Q: I ordered a pair of shoes from Footlocker online. (They didn't have them in store) About how long does it take to receive them? Thanks(:

A: around one week

Does anyone know where the nearest footlocker in miami is to colllin avenue? by Rawr96 Q: My dad is going on holiday and i want something from footlocker, hes staying on/ near collin avenue so it would be much appreciated if anyone could tell me which footlocker is closest (address/ directions) Please, and thank you :)

A: interesting question. im not sure though. why dont you post your question in the forum of the site Miami Social Networking, cant go wrong there. its a miami site with miami locals who will have all the answers. http://www.miami-social-networking.spruz.com good luck

How much do you think a worker at footlocker makes and how old to work there!? by Q: How much do you think a worker at footlocker makes and how old to work there!

A: barely min wage plus commissions - expect to work mostly nights and weekends

is it bad to steal the footlocker signes? by Frehyner Family Q: we steal all of the footlocker signes when we go to footlocker. you know the race in cal? is that bad?

A: It's called theft and if the total of the cost of the signs you stole is over $500 then it's considerd a felony and you would go to jail. So yes, that is not good.

Is it possible to order shoes at Footlocker store? by Asda A Q: Is it possible to order shoes that came out 3 years ago at Footlocker store? I want the Jordan retro 4 military blue, it is too late?

A: probably did u try finding them online?

Is it legal for footlocker to sell high demanded shoes to employees first? by Steven B Q: Last year my brother went to footlocker to buy the Jordan retro 11 space jams & he was told that they were sold out in a size 10 when he was first in line but we contacted footlocker corporation & they said they weren't allowed to do that now this year I want to get the retro 11 cool grey & I don't want the same problem so is it legal that they sell them to they're employees first when it's a first come first serve basis?

A: Of course it is legal. There are no laws that dictate how stores can sell items. It may violate company policy for a store to do this but if it is a first come/first served basis, I can guarantee to you that the employees will be there before any customers. The only penalty for an employee violating a policy would be a write up.

why do the flowers on my lemon tree smell like footlocker? by Sasson Q: ive had a lemon tree for almost a year, and it started blooming not too long ago. this is the first time ive seen it bloom, so maybe its just my inexperience that makes this seem weird. when i go to smell the flowers, they smell like footlocker/ new rubber shoes. is that normal or should i expect nikes to start growing out instead of lemons?

A: I love that you asked this question, its hilarious. The title caught my attention. Its totally normal but that smell wont stay, its first TRIO bloom. ..But i'd prefer the growth of some Nike's! *profit* lol

At what age can you work at finish line or footlocker? by Q: At what age can you work at finish line, foot action, footlocker or champs. Or any other shoe stores? IN TEXAS. I'm currently 14 but really want to work there. And a lot of my friends are 15 or 14 and they already work either at some shoe store or a restaurant.

Can i work at footlocker or something similar at age 16? by Q: I have never worked before, but i think I'm getting a job this summer. If i could work at footlocker, finish line, sports authority, champs etc. that would be cool. How old do you have to be? I know a lot about basketball shoes, if that helps.

A: I believe it's 18 years or older to work at Foot Locker. Try SYEP that's good for a person of your age (Summer Youth Employment Program)

Can I still get refund for my purchase at footlocker 2 days after the 30 days time period? by Q: I bought a pair of shoes at footlocker and I want to refund it, but I am two days late.

A: If they have a 30 day return period then they are not obligated to accept anything. If the manager is reasonable they might give you store credit but never a refund. At this point you might of waited too long to settle your problem. mx

what would you wear to a ladies footlocker interview? by justwannabegottabeyourgirl Q: i want to look mature but athletic. is this right? or should i dress up? you would think more casual because it is ladies footlocker.

A: Go barefoot, express yourself!!!

what is the hourly wage at footlocker, finishline, and footaction? by cvals34 Q: I am 18 yrs old and I am looking for an after school/future summer job at either footlocker, footaction, or finishline. What is the starting wage salary for an employee at these stores? (I live in New York) Also, are the wages negotiable at all, or are they set in stone? Would it be realistic/possible to make around $9/hour?

A: You'll make about $8/hr with commission.

How do i get a discount on jordans when i go to buy them in store at footlocker? by Orador Q: I want Jordans before i leave on vacation, but they are pretty expensive, i used to go to a footlocker and they would give me a discount every time, i forgot how i got them to do it. Can someone give me some tips on how to get a discount on these jordans i want to buy?

A: If you have been a repeat customer and in the past have received a discount on the shoes then just ask the Footlocker store manager how to get another discount and explain you have been a loyal customer before.

Does Footlocker or Foot action have a blackout sale discounts on shoes? Any employees that works there Know? by Q: Wondering if there are any discounts on shoes for footlocker store, not online.

A: Of course, just go to store and you'll see 50% off banners

Does footlocker still sell zoom kobe v Playoff Pack and the Normal Away colorway? And what are the triangles? by Q: Does footlocker still sell zoom kobe v Playoff Pack and the Normal Away colorway? And what are the triangles on the Playoff Pack? And what is that triangle thing under the tongue of the shoe on the POP?

A: Mason sign. Just like Jay Z and all of those other millionaires.

Can i use a coupon on the Jordan 6 rings at footlocker? by fiftycentzbabigurl Q: I want the jordan 6 rings, footlocker sent my mother a coupon for $20 off a purchase $100 or more. But on the website they say you can't use coupons or discounts on the sneakers, but is that only on the website or is that inside the store to?

A: no..u can't use coupons on newly released jordans on the website or in the store

Is footlocker a great place to get running shoes? by Q: I need good shoes to go jogging in, and I was thinking about going to footlocker.

A: I dont know if I would say great, but at least really good

How do i print out a application for footlocker? by Q: i need to print out a job application for footlocker can you help me?

A: Go to the Footlocker website and find a link that says Job Opportunities. There will probably be a printable application in the form of a PDF somewhere in that section! Best of Luck! Go to this link and click on the button that says, RETAIL DIVISIONS and then PART-TIME U.S. STORE SALES: http://www.footlocker-inc.com/CO_index.htm It will open a PDF and you can print it out from there!

What is this pill I found in a baggie in my daughters footlocker? by LaPreal Q: What is this pill I found in a baggie in my daughters footlocker? It's white/cream with a cross imprint? round and small, and kind of flat. They're pretty old, the baggie is old and the inside is dusty from the residue of the old pills. There are no other markings than the cross imprint. Nothing but a cross imprint, no numbers or letters. It's a very small, plain pill, smaller than an aspirin, and kind of flat. Its a cross like a scoring cross, not a Jesus cross. It doesn't appear to be there for design purposes but for scoring the pill.

A: If the only imprint on it is a cross (like a Jesus Cross), then it's probably ecstasy. All other pills are required to have identification imprinted on them. If you don't believe me, go look at your Tylenol in your cabinet. Edit: Take a picture. Upload it to http://tinypic.com, then post the link here. Since it's scored, it doesn't sound like ecstasy and sounds more like Aspirin.

How long does a shipment from footlocker take if i choose standard shipping? by Q: It has been about 8 days now and it hasn't shipped to my house yet. how can i track the shipping on footlocker.com?

A: Do you know what shipper they're using?

How do you wash Finish Line or Footlocker tee shirts without them shrinking or getting out of shape? by Q: I buy a lot of tees from Finish Line and sometimes Footlocker, and when I wash them I wash them all together with no other type of clothes. Next I just hang dry them without the dryer. The problem is this does not always work because when I hang dry them they sometimes shrink, but when I dry them in the dryer the collars an overall fit get out of wack over time. Can somebody please help?

What does the writing on a military footlocker mean? by Disgruntled Biscuit Q: I have just purchased an old military footlocker and am trying to date it and get some information on its original owner (told it was WWII era). The only clue is the writing stamped in black which reads: William H. Hart (I assume the original owner's name) LT 0-1588625 RH - 130 - AAA Does anyone know what this information means? Many thanks in advance!

A: The second line is the rank lieutenant and a serial number. The military uses social security numbers now for identification purposes, but at one time they generated their own numbers for military members. Can't help you with the third line, sorry. It may be a class or unit designation I'm not familiar with or provide Navy or Marine information. My experience was Army. Addendum: If you have any pictures of the box I'd appreciate taking a look at it. Email me through my profile link.

Why do Footlocker managers hate to do returns, like if they owned the store? by capicua025 Q: Everytime I go to Footlocker, Champs, Footaction and I return a pair of sneakers, or cancel a layaway, the employees give you a nasty look and the managers too. I really hate that and I would like to report that to corporate.

A: Corporate mentality. They( big business), like to try and turn their staff into clones. You still have your customer rights. Always stand your ground. The best way is to vote on their service with your purchasing power. You go and spend your money somewhere else.

if i order from footlocker and have it delivered internationally will they charge tax? by evan Q: im planning to buy some shoes from footlocker, however im concerened if they're gonna tax me for the purchase once i receive them. How much tax do they charge in the philippines and what carrier does footlocker use?

A: Footlocker does not charge tax for international shipments. However, any taxes fees and customs imposed by Philippine law are levied upon the goods entering the country. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay these before the package is delivered. These fees should be available from your local customs office. You would have to check with Footlocker to see what carrier they use. Most likely DHL, UPS or FedEx.

How can you pick a footlocker lock if you closed it and it locked by itself? by Carmen S Q: And we don't have the key! It is my housemate's and it is full of stuff to donate to a church rummage sale next week - footlocker included. But it won't do them much good if they can't get it open. Should it have locked itself when I closed the middle latch, or is it just jammed? Is there a way without calling a locksmith.

A: Someone may have a luggage key or if you know a janitor,they may have a dispenser key. You could try these,most trunk locks are simple. Try bending a small nail or brad in a" L " shape about 1/8" and pound it flat. Bend a loop on the other end to hold on to.

Where can I find good footlocker coupons? by Q: I am a huge sneaker junkie, but I don't want to pay those outrageous prices. Where can I get coupons for footlocker, finish line, foot action?

A: FinishLine almost always has a coupon code for at least $10 or more off depending on how much you are going to spend on your purchase... Try these two: SPRINGRG ($10 Off $60+) Secretprices2 ($25 off $150+) Foot Locker generally has a percentage off or free shipping coupon code. There are a bunch listed here you can try: http://www.secretprices.com/coupons/footlocker.com Sorry I don't know about Foot Action coupons; I'm not sure they have promotions running.

How long does it take footlocker to ship shoes? by Chris Q: Yesterday at footlocker I ordered some all white Air Force 1's because they didnt have low af1's.I'm wondering how long it takes for the shoes to ship.I was thinking by maybe wednesday?

A: air force 1's are so out of style I wore those when I was in 9th grade wow where do you live

Can I exchange my shoes at a different footlocker? by Javier Q: I just bought some Nike Sweet Classics (shoes) and it was at a really far footlocker away from my house. So im wondering if I can exchange them at this footlocker closer to my house.

A: Yes as long as you have the receipt.

How do you pick the lock on a footlocker? by still_sound Q: my mom picked up an army footlocker from a yardsale but when she brought it home she realized it was locked...and she didn't have a key. i love it so i don't want to have to get read of it, but i kinda wanna open it. having a locksmith fix it would be way to expensive so i'm kind of on my own. any advice? The lock was made in the USA by Eagle Lock Co. Here's a picture of the lock...it's the brass one in the middle...well...that's what it looks like at least... http://www.antiquekeys.net/largelocks.jpg

A: I think you could use a drill to open it. Judging by the picture, there's a loop underneath the lock which is intended for a pad lock. If it's a true army footlocker, they bought them by the thousands and one lock-key could probably open many of them. Therefore, the built-in lock probably isn't too complicated, and has maybe 3 tumblers (pins) at most. Try using a drill bit slightly larger than the opening and drill it just deep enough to go through the lock. It's okay if you go too deep, youll only have a hole in that part of the trunk. Once you drill out a small opening, the lock may simply open, if not, try fiddling with a nut picker, dental tool or anything with a real slender pointed tip. Push down on any pins you see in the hole and jiggle it....I believe it will pop open good luck

How do I open a locked army footlocker from the Vietnam era without the key? by remarkabow Q: I don't want to pop the lock and break the footlocker, but my son accidentally closed and locked it yesterday and I need access to the contents. It's not worth calling a locksmith. Any ideas?

A: If its not worth call a locksmith for than I would either pop the lock off as neatly as possible or bust the lock open as neatly as possible. I am a more recent Army vet so my footlocker must be different, mine has a clasp that you put the lock through, if that was the case with yours I would just cut through the lock either with bolt cutters, a hacksaw, or a grinder with a metal cutting wheel on it. A grinder will rip through that lock in a second with no problems, you can pick one up for around $30 at Lowe's or Walmart and a metal cutting wheel for it for 2 bucks (the thin black ones, not the fat ones that sometimes come with the grinders). Good luck.

What can i do to footlocker if they never sent me my shoe i ordered from them? by Joey P Q: If i purchased and ordered a shoe from footlocker and waited 7-10 days for them to send it to my house and i called in and they said that they cannot find the shoe in any store in the US and that when they find it they will take 4-10 days for shipping. What can i do to footlocker? File a claim? I can get my money back for sure but i want them to give me some kind of deal for waiting this long.

A: Just get your money.

footlocker???? by huh? Q: i want to buy shoes from footlocker.com....if they don't fit can i return them or exchange them in a footlocker store??

A: Yeah, you just have to bring the shipping invoice.

Footlocker? by Dead Q: Has any1 tried buying from footlocker? Can it be trusted and what is the currency mentioned in footlocker? I mean footlocker.com not footlocker from the malls. Has any1 tried using his credit card there and what is the currency for footlocker.com?

A: Footlocker is fine and a good source of athletic gear.

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