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abiichen RT @yaluncute: Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era. ~ Fahrenheit News http://t.co/1X7EBWoG

i_BringIt Hot like Fahrenheit, I'm tight just like virgin twat...

awangkhecol Mana aja boleh xP RT @MELISAgladyana: Enaknya yg mana? RT @awangkhecol: Suhu apa?celcius apa fahrenheit? xD RT @MELISAgladyana: Iya donk,sia

AirinTrifanny RT"@yaluncute: Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era. ~ Fahrenheit News http://t.co/3RRb0Jdy";

yunGkillz_B I luvr ladies tht use fahrenheit... It's so sexy

aoiSery calvin said that maybe fahrenheit will comeback as 4 in the first half of 2012,they wanna sing toghether again...I hope so

YeowJiaYi RT @yaluncute: Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era. ~ Fahrenheit News http://t.co/N0XvllOT

heIIoimhd I REALLY want to work at fahrenheit! :'(((

chinreeses RT @yaluncute: Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era. ~ Fahrenheit News http://t.co/N0XvllOT

MsNess_ RT @yaluncute: Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era. ~ Fahrenheit News http://t.co/N0XvllOT

neworldful @heynickyyy 我可能0年前去过中国北京!可是那时候我是孩子。所以我想在访问北京!可是我最想访问的地方是台湾。我认识的歌手时周杰论,Fahrenheit, S.H.E.什么的!但是他们都是台湾的歌手。哈哈。

yaluncute Calvin Chen Misses The Fahrenheit Era. ~ Fahrenheit News http://t.co/N0XvllOT

beerfridge Rich's beer fridge temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. (09:00:02 11/6/2011)

notbaidu "[2010.01.01][News] Taipei New Year Event – SHE and Fahrenheit" http://t.co/g9aOzh8B

Georgeyea It's 33 Fahrenheit outside. Brr.


What is the temperature scale on the thermometer when Celsius and Fahrenheit are numerically equal? by Dudeletz Q: What is the temperature scale on the thermometer when Celsius and Fahrenheit are numerically equal?

A: Assume : XF = Numeric Fahrenheit XCo = Numeric Celsius Using the equation : (XF-32)*5/9=XCo But XF = XCo Then (XF -32)*5/9= XF Then XF = 32/0.8 = -40 = XCo for sure its -40

At what temperature are the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures exactly equal? by NR58 Q: At what temperature are the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures exactly equal? Give the answer in °C. The conversion formula is °F = 1.8*°C + 32. The answer is exact, but leave off zeros after the decimal.

A: You want the condition where °F = °C. So, substituting for °C solve °F = 1.8°F + 32 this gives a temp of °F = -40°F (= -40°C)

What is the point in still using fahrenheit? by Cade Q: I plan to go into Earth Science field and everything seems to be in celsius. Even when I am not looking up earth science related stuff people still just seem to use celsius. If you're not in the US you might not care, but for a country still using fahrenheit I am seeing a lot of stuff in celsius.. It is getting to the point where the only time I ever see fahrenheit is when I turn to The Weather Channel. Does anyone have any tips or tricks when it comes to being able to calculate the difference?

A: I agree with the retooling argument. And trying to make 300 million people change their ways simultaneously is quite difficult. But there is also the fact that Fahrenheit has a more practical step size for our everyday experience. As humans, the most common temperatures to care about fall between -10 F and 100F, as that is the typical air temperature range for most locations, or 95 F and 105 F, as those are typical body temperatures. By having a finer segmentation of units (but not too fine), it makes it easier to think about these temperature ranges. I know the hardcore scientists will say that is nonsense, as will the Europeans, but I think there is some benefit to having a degree be something that is not too big nor too small to be useful in everyday conversation, and I think F does a better job of this than C does. (Actually, I think we should all move to K, personally, but I don't have strong opinions either way.) As far how you convert, it is fairly easy if you know F. The way I remember it is I know that water freezes at 32F and boils at 212F. So there are 180 degrees between boiling and freezing, as opposed to 100 degrees in C. So the conversion ratio is 180/100 or 1.8. To do the conversion, you take a temperature F, subtract 32 so that freezing is at 0, then divide by 1.8 to get C. Or do the reverse (multiply by 1.8, add 32) to go from C to F. T(in C) = (T(in F)-32)/1.8 T(in F) = T(in C)*1.8+32 Or, the simplest thing to do is go to your favorite search engine, and type in "412 F in C" or "211.111 C in F", and the search engine will do the conversion for you. I know google does this (I think they started it) and I just checked that yahoo does too.

How to write a summary on the distopian book Fahrenheit 451? by RXQueen Q: I'm supposed to write an analytic essay of the distopian content within the novel Fahrenheit 451. I'm really stuck because the book is slightly difficult for me to accurately read and understand. The essay is required to be 5-6 pages but once I get but on the right track I'm sure it will be no problem. Is there anyone that can help me comprehend this book?

A: If i'm correct this was written by Ray Radbury. I have never read 451 but you should include a mantion on this. - Radbury was very sceptical on the future thinking that writing would not be necessary once technology became the centrepoint of society. Sorry i can't help much but heres something.

What does the Fahrenheit temperature scale represent? by Dances With Mops Q: I know that the points 0 and 100 degrees in the Celsius (Centigrade) scale represent, respectively, the freezing and boiling points of water. But what do the points 0 and 100 degrees represent on the Fahrenheit scale? I know how to do the conversions, so that won't help.

A: The 0 was the lowest temperature at which water (under normal atmospheric pressure) could be kept liquid by the addition of salts. The idea being that no life-related chemistry could take place at lower temperature (water being the solvent needed for "life-as-we-know-it"). The practice of adding salt to water to reach colder temperatures was common. As for placing the 0 of his scale at this point, Fahrenheit might haven take the idea from another scientist who was also preparing a temperature scale. I had always thought that 100 was meant to be the average temperature of the human body. Either the average was taken from clothed people, or Fahrenheit's wife was running a fever (he supposedly used her as the standard). However, many sources say that Fahrenheit deliberately set it at 96, not 100 F. The latter makes sense if you consider this: Fahrenheit had the freezing temperature of pure water as 32 F. When he refined the scale, he designed it so that there would be 180 steps between boiling and boiling points of pure water. (32 to 212). 180 is half of 360, a number that was often used in science, when the base-60 system was still very popular (360 degrees in a circle, 60 minutes in a degree, 60 seconds in a minute). In days without calculators, this made sense, as 180 is a number that is easily divisible (by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12...). Doing this would make the body temperature a tiny bit higher than 96, which Fahrenheit thought was acceptable (this would confirm that he liked 96 originally, not 100).

How do you remove the degrees fahrenheit symbol from cells in Excel? by mapmonarch Q: I have a list of 365 temperatures in excel in the format X°F. Can I remove the degree and fahrenheit symbols somehow? Thank you!

A: Assuming your temperatures are in column A, select an unused column and, for cell A1, enter: =LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-2) Fill down

What is the purpose of the Fahrenheit Temperature Scale? by Tom Q: It seems to serve no real purpose, yet we still use it widely all over the US. Why do we still use this scale instead of Celsius or Kelvin? Those are the ones we are taught to use with science, like with Chemistry everything involving temperature revolves around using only these temperature scales, and it's not like it would be that difficult to switch over. People would get used to it, and it would be natural for the children growing up. So can anyone tell me why we still use Fahrenheit, other than people being disturbed by this change to something they're not used to, and what real purpose does it actually serve? Thanks!

A: Historically, it was the first. The perceived value of changing customary use must exceed the perceived cost of changing, to motivate a government to mandate the change. The Kelvin scale is already used for all scientific and technical purposes. Customary usage will migrate over time.

What are the laws regarding fahrenheit and celsius tempartures? by piink318 Q: So I know that if fahrenheit is 32 degrees, celsuis is 0 degrees, so you would conclude that there is a 32 degree difference between fahrenheit and celsius. But then if fahrenheit was 212 degrees, celsius would be 100 degrees and that's a 112 degree difference. So I want to know how to figure out the celsius temparture if you only have the fahrenheit temparture. i didn't exactly get that. so the celsius temparture is 5/9 of the fahrenheit temparture????

A: C = 5/9 * (F-32) F = 9/5C + 32 or (1.8 * C) + 32

fahrenheit? by Jennifer S. Q: I read somewhere that Jiro of Fahrenheit is quitting the band and rejoining his old band, Dong cheng wei, anyone know if it's true?Just curious. It'll be too bad.

A: I think it's not the truth, they are a group & they mention that they will not be spilting.

Fahrenheit? by burnsie Q: Choose one of the following essay topics and draft a one-and-a-half to two page essay response to the prompt. Be sure to use specific support from the text to enhance your answers: What is science fiction? Define it. Could Ray Bradbury have chosen a different genre for Fahrenheit 451 and still made the book as powerful as it was? Why or Why not?

A: First off here you've got the defining feature of who wrote it. Could Bradbury choose another genre, possibly but this is Ray Bradbury one of the kings of classic sci-fi. Could it have been as powerful? I don't think so. The power of the book comes from the possibility of what if which sci-fi allows for.

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