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Camilla parker bowles

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RenegadeEcon Camilla Parker Bowles additional income dries up as the demand for Jimmy Saville and Rod Hull lookalikes begins to fade. #hardtimes

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itsWatty #FamousLookalikes Rod Hull and Camilla Parker Bowles

EdJ0nes Kitty: cross-dressing Camilla Parker-Bowles tribute act tonight. #xfactor

fuzzbrains Kitty you look like a cross between Camilla Parker-Bowles and a drag queen. You can't dance and you'll never be GaGa. Bore off.

VivAyrshire RT @James_Ryder: RT @jkjasonking Kitty looks like camilla Parker Bowles !!

Jopawson RT @jkjasonking: Kitty looks like camilla Parker Bowles !!

jmashed #Xfactor kitty = camilla Parker bowles

ValWipTweets Tonight Kitty came as Camilla Parker Bowles. Then she ripped her skirt off. Too many levels of wrongness. #XFactor

jonralph633 Tonight Kitty is Camilla Parker Bowles with that hair cut! Watch out Charles!

whitbywebster Why have they modelled Kitty's latest look on Camilla Parker Bowles? #xfactor

Stobart_Tart RT @jkjasonking: Kitty looks like camilla Parker Bowles !!

mindironalia RT @jkjasonking: Kitty looks like camilla Parker Bowles !!

BB_Superfan Kitty: Tonight Dermot, I'm going to be Camilla Parker Bowles... #XFactor

ThomasTParker RT @jkjasonking: Kitty looks like camilla Parker Bowles !!


Will Camilla Parker Bowles children be stylized? by alex Q: if/when Charles is coronated and she becomes Queen of the UK. I mean, would they become Prince and Princess?

A: No, that just would not be possible. best of luck to you!

Is There Competition Between Camilla Parker Bowles & Kate Middleton? by Arctic Spirit Q: The reason I ask this question is that I heard long ago that Camilla hates to be upstaged. I'm not saying that Kate will try and out shine anyone. Some people just have that built in upstaging shine, not knowing that they are doing it. Princess Diana had that sort of magnetic shine to her that she was born with.

A: No competition, Camilla has class, something which Kate totally lacks.

Has camilla Parker Bowles been truly excepted as a royal by the british people? by Affrica Q:

A: There is no such person as Camilla Parker Bowles anymore. The Duchess of Cornwall has been fully accepted by the majority of British people Not all, of course; the die-hard Diana fans will never let go. But by and large, yes, she is accepted.

This is really a question for those in the UK abour Camilla Parker Bowles? by tich302001 Q: Recently I read that Prince Charles wants Camilla as his Queen when he becomes king. I would like to know if you agree with this do you think Camilla should be our Queen? Do you think Prince Charles should give up his right to become King do think after our present Queen dies Prince William should become King. Is it true that 90% of the population of the UK do not want Camilla as Queen I know I do not want her as our Queen. I am British and proud of our country but I think Prince Charles should give up his right of succession in favour of Prince WIlliam. I agree I think Camilla is an ambitous woman who do anything to get what she wants and thats to be Queen and if destrying the Royal family so be it.

A: I am English and i do not want her as our queen, i think she is a sneaky under handed woman, if i could chose i would want Charles to give up his right to be King and let William have the throne, i do not know anyone here that wants Camilla as queen, in fact when i saw the headlines on that a few days ago my reaction was what the F**K.

Why is Camilla Parker Bowles so rude? by matty Q: Okay, I asked this question yesterday, but ignorant people got the facts wrong. A few years, ago, Charles and Camilla came to Australia, and went to a farmer's market. As they walked along, Camilla thought that she was entitled to just pick up people's fruit and eat it, without asking or paying. The owner of the stall yelled at her, and made her pay. Why did she think that she was entitled to do this?

A: As I said yesterday, I don't like her and have no time for her but, as everyone one has patiently explained, she was expecting a member of her entourage to pay for it. They DO NOT carry money. Did you honestly expect her to rummage around in her purse to get 30 or forty cents out to pay for a grape or a plum? All of this happened a few years ago also, it is NOT news. How many times are you going to post the same question? If it will stop you from posting this same question again in the foreseeable future, then yes, ok, she is rude. Are you happy now? Edit........@user123abc. you are wrong everytime and this time is no exception. We are NOT subjects we are citizens. You may well be a subject of King Borat Obama but, we are not subects of the Queen.

When did camilla parker bowles change her religion? by Now Q: because anyone who marries a Roman Catholic is permanently excluded from the succession and according to wikipedia she was raised as a Roman Catholic. and also i read in wikipedia article on Diana, that '' any potential bride was expected to have a royal or aristocratic background, be a virgin, as well as be Protestant.'' a once married women who has kids sure isnt a virgin. or being a virgin is not necessary???

A: She wasn't raised as a Roman Catholic although her children were as their father is a Catholic. Nowhere in the Wikipedia entry does it say she was raised as a Catholic. It was only necessary in 1981 for the bride of the Prince of Wales to be a virgin, this is now an outdated opinion (and was even to some extent in 1981) and there will be no need for Prince William's bride to be a virgin. Also the aristocratic background is no longer needed, most young European royals have married "commoners". Rubym - Camilla cannot remain "Duchess of Cornwall" if Charles becomes King (and he will if he survives his mother). Providing Charles survives the Queen then William will inherit the Dukedom of Cornwall and his wife will be the Duchess of Cornwall, the only way that Camilla could remain "Duchess of Cornwall" if for Charles to predecease the Queen, in which case William would not inherit the Dukedom as it can only be held by the Heir apparent who is the son of the previous Monarch. It was stated that she will become the "Princess Consort" on Charles ascension to the throne but this would require an Act of Parliament as traditionally the wife of a King is a "Queen Consort" and titled appropriately.

What is the royal title of Camilla Parker Bowles? by Lady Anne Hanover Q: i know she cannot be called princess coz its belongs to Lady D' does she is called Lady or Duchess? why cant she be called Princess and if ever Prince Charles be a king why can't she be called a Queen?

A: Her full title is: The Princess Charles Philip Arthur George, Princess of Wales and Countess of Chester, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Carrick, Baroness of Renfrew, Lady of the Isles, Princess of Scotland. She's called: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall and Her Royal Highness Camilla, Duchess of Rothesay, but she is only called that in Scotland. And when (and if) Prince Charles becomes king, although legally she will be queen of England, she be *called*, Her Royal Highness, the Princess Consort, and not Queen.

How did Camilla Parker Bowles and Princess Diana knew each other? by vashtivaughn Q: How did the two of them knew each other, where they best friends or something?:

A: One was a wanton pariah who threw herself at HRH the Prince of Wales and the other a young, inexperienced woman who was trying desperately to make her marriage work. It is beneath me to call the name of the wanton pariah. I shall let you conjure for yourself which of these two women fits that bill.

What is Camilla Parker-Bowles pedigree before she became Duchess of Cornwall? by princess121212121212 Q: I've noticed that almost all her friends are Aristocratic and for a fact that she became Prince Charles first girlfriend. She must came from an extraordinary family right?

A: You obviously don't know what "pedigree" means. Her lineage is listed if you care to research it.

What do the citizens of the United Kingdom think about Camilla Parker Bowles? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: Camilla Parker Bowles is the wife of Prince Charles.

A: Personally I like what I've seen very much. I think she is far more real and genuine than The Princess of Wales (who was very much a media invention) and a much better match personality and interest-wise for Prince Charles. They seem happy and, in the end, that's what counts (so they say, but I think the pursuit of happiness is over-rated!).

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