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Best friends forever

Friday TV Picks: 'Best Friends Forever' on NBC
TV picks for Friday, June 1, 2012, include "Best Friends Forever" on NBC; "The National History Bee" on History; and "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet. Lennon Parham, left, and Jessica St. Clair in the sitcom "Best Friends Forever.

Best friends forever! Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton bury the hatchet (and ...
But Kim Kardashian has finally made up with her rival and former best friend Paris Hilton after they shared a touching heart-to-heart at the Cannes International Film Festival. They have been feuding ever since the former rose from the lowly role of ...

Snooki & JWOWW: Best Friends Forever Sneak Peek: Snooki & Jionni's Florence ...
Before we get to see Snooki and JWOWW let loose in Jersey City in their upcoming spin-off, MTV is treating us to a special hour of Snooki & JWOWW: Best Friends Forever tonight (May 31). The girls will review some of their most infamous and intimate ...

Best friends forever
Photo: Rosalie Sweeney Photography TOBIAS AND AMELIA SEETO HOPEWOOD COUNTRY HOUSE, BOWRAL, NSW The meeting “We met in high school and decided to be best friends forever!” says Amelia. She literally sent him a text message saying that.

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MarleneAngelo1 Best Friends Forever How do Susie erase these types of pictures through this site? http://t.co/6x0axarK

tori__James RT @Brooke__biebs: @tori__James true :D Best friends forever <3

SnookiSense Posted June 2nd, 2012 by & filed under Best Friends Forever. Best.Friends.Forever.S01E06.HDTV… http://t.co/Svwhb0Dv

SnookiSense Before we get to see Snooki and JWOWW let loose in Jersey City in their upcoming spin-off… http://t.co/arEbQ4gq

Brooke__biebs @tori__James true :D Best friends forever <3

MillicentSpellm Best Friends Forever Laughing my butt off of http://t.co/2FRBrFWz

GloriaCady Best Friends Forever I cannot f'n grasp http://t.co/NUmlNjqJ

EstellaCombs1 Best Friends Forever Completely don't understand this. http://t.co/ob62qp7D

tiaraaml RT @authorizuka: [EVENT] Booksigning 'Best Friends Forever' di Gramedia Pejaten Village, 3 Juni 2012 pkl 14.00-16.00 WIB. Best... http://t.co/LGzICfzt

RosamondBrubake Best Friends Forever Wtf!!! This is actually f'n amusing http://t.co/VgPGQUv8

MerylSperry Best Friends Forever This is well worth a discussion! http://t.co/1qPZluvw

FredericaHumphr Best Friends Forever My partner and i cant f'n believe it! http://t.co/H8cejeKC

shfly2425 Gramedia bekasi, eon... T_T RT @authorizuka: [EVENT] Booksigning 'Best Friends Forever' di Gramedia Pejaten Village, 3 Juni 2012 pkl 14.00-

Y_fantazer RT @authorizuka: [EVENT] Booksigning 'Best Friends Forever' di Gramedia Pejaten Village, 3 Juni 2012 pkl 14.00-16.00 WIB. Best... http://t.co/LGzICfzt

mediamq Best Friends Forever, “Hey Nonny Nonny”/“Fatal Blow Out” http://t.co/3nw98lGr


How do you say "best friends forever" in Spanish? by qwertyuiop Q:

A: mejores amigos por siempre or por siempre mejores amigos or mejores amigos para siempre

Have you ever become worst enemies with a friend you thought you were going to be best friends with forever? by Q: I have. She turned out to be real mean. She beat up some of my best friends, and I found out she abused animals by throwing them. How about you?

A: Yeah.. She lies a lot and stole things from my house..But she knows all my secrets, so I still have to talk to her..And everyone thinks she's so sweet and innocent, but then they see me and they think I'm the mean one!!!!!!!!! I tell her stuff and she never responds..Like once I said "I'm depressed." "Haha why are you depressed?" "Because-" "Mr.T can you help me with my project?" And I never get to tell her anything. But when I actually do tell her stuff she always says "I'm tired. I had to stay up with Ayden (he's like 3 now) last night."...I'm tired of it.. Oh and sorry you had to go through that too..Don't worry, you'll find your true best friend you likes you for who you are someday..

How do you say " Best Friends Forever" in Spanish? by lovey girl Q:

A: mejores amigos para siempre (if referring to male friends, or a group of friends of which some are male and others are female) if referring to all female friends: mejores amigas para siempre

How do you say "Best Friends Forever" in French? Read Details!!!? by mortician Q: I want to get it engraved on a ring to give to my best friend for christmas because she loves france. Please...only people who know by heart and not someone who types it in a translation web site or something. They are not always accurate. But, if you feel the need to look it up on one of those sites please post what site you found the translation on. Thanks!

A: "Meilleures amies pour la vie" because you are girls

Can a guy and a girl be just best friends forever without falling in love? by Q:

Do you think its possible for 5 people to stay best friends forever? by fdfs80 Q: I have known my best friends forever basically since I was 3 and my fraternal twin brother since I was born. When we were 7 we made a contract saying that we would be best friends forever. We still are know but it doesn't seem like its going to happen because adults almost never stay friends with their childhood friends. Have you even heard of 5 people staying friends forever. I know its kiddie. Im 14 now.

A: whoa dude i had dreams like that when i was in grade 3 no offence. But yeah thats probably possible if you keep in touch hang out with each other frequently. Go to the same schools for life y'know that sorta thing than yes

Who sings this song? "you said best friends forever!!"? by Alex Q: It has some screaming in it and the "you said best friends forever!!" is within the first minute i believe. the only guesses i have as to who its by is A day to remember or a band like that. Thanks!

How do you say Best Friends Forever in japanese? by Hyuna ♥ Q:

A: Either: 一生友達(normal way) ishou tomodachi 一生ダチ(very imformal) ishou dachi 二仔一( imformal) nikoichi Hope this helped :)

Do you have any best friends forever ? by Odin Ryuto Q: My bff told me while going home, after we won the football match that he sometimes want to be inside me. He also told me he is inside me and always will. I asked him and he said It means he wants to be with me always forever. He never told me something so sentimental before, unlike me he wasn't emotional before. It was so sudden so I was kind of surprised and blushed a little. I think I'm lucky to at least have one best friends forever. Do you have one too ? =)

A: Only time will tell if he is your 'best friend forever'. I really hope he will be if you are happy with him.

I like a girl but we have been best friends forever, what should i do? by Q: we have been best friends forever and i am starting to really like her, i told her in a joking way to see how she would react and she thought i was joking so i don't know if i should just tell her or wait PLEASE GIVE ME SOME POINTERS THANKS!

A: Do something that will get you out of the "friend zone". For example give her a rose or ask her out. Answer mine?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ah1ye48jYiNHxc9RSS.yBansy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111210235531AAHr3Zq

How do you write "best friends forever" in Portuguese? by Michael Q:

A: Melhores amigos para sempre. (two boys or a boy and a girl) Melhores amigas para sempre (two girls).

What are some cute photo quotes for "Best Friends Forever"? by Q: I'm making a picture but I need a good quote but can't find any good ones that are actually cute or cool! Helppp!

A: I joined a group on facebook that was "Friendship isn't about whom you've known the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side" I love it, and think its really cute. Hope I helped (:

How likely is it for people to be true Best Friends Forever? by Q:

A: I would joke and say very... But when I think about, you can have some friends that stay with you for a long time... I have a friend, I have known for 18 years now and I am 33.... And not just a friend I met again on facebook recently, we have been friends and done stuff together everyone of those 18 years...

Writers:If your characters were real would you be best friends forever or would they be your worst nightmare? by Q: I think me and my favorite character Paul would be my best friend, even though his such a player :). My character Mark would be my worst nightmare because his a happy/regretful murder. I know I have strange characters :)

A: Most of my male characters are based on why I find attractive in a guy. My latest character, Gabriel, isn't the ideal guy for me though. And I sorta put myself into my female characters. We don't look alike and we have totally different personalities, but we like the same shows, music, books, etc. My character Kasey Kolchak is most likely to be my worst enemy. (She's a werewolf and I'm more of a wolf slayer.) But the guy characters are more likely to be my best friend, because I bond more with guys than I do with girls, even though I am one myself. Girls (not me) seem to cause too much drama.

how do u find out if u and another person are best friends forever? by Noor G Q: i want to know if me and another person are best friends forever

A: if u do something wrong they will still be there for you. and if like u get hert they are gonna help u and soupport u with everything u do. that is what a true friend is! have a good day!! also they will sit wit u at lunch instead of sitting with smeone else and egnoring u bye:]

Where can i get 2 "Best friends forever" jewelrely from? by Q: I tried everywhere but i just couldn't find one. I need 2 of them so my friend from Romania can have one.

What percent of BFF's do you think will actually be Best Friends Forever? Any? by Shazza Q: Why bother with the nonsensical term? Have you already had a BFF who is not even your BF any more?

A: maybe 5% people change and go separate ways. its part of life

Have you seen the episode of South Park Best Friends Forever? by Q: BQ:Am I the only one that finds it strange that Kenny spent 2 weeks straight on his PSP but somehow found the time to update his will?

A: That is why it is a Cartoon. Kenny also dies and comes back to life almost every episode, because he has a super power.

How do you become "Best Friends Forever" in The Sims 3? by *LJS_420* Q: I was also curious, what is the friend ranking? It seems that Best Friend is lower than Old Friend? I'm a little confused. I heard you can get BFF with someone but that's not happened to me yet. Thanks! 10 PTS.

A: In order to be BFF's your sim must be a teenager and the sim who is going to become the BFF must ALSO be a teenager. After they become good friends you will get the option to ask them to be your BFF. Also, with old friends, you can still be close it's just that you haven't spoken in awhile just like Distant Friends. There is no exact relationship ranking. It varies.

What is the Spanish equivalent for "BFF" Best friends forever? by Tim H Q: Both the abbreviation an the words. Amigos Para Siempre?

A: Amigas por (para) siempre. Or Amigos por (para) siempre.

Best Friends Forever iPhone 4 covers for three people? by Q: Me and my two friends are getting each other friendship presents for graduation and I was thinking that since we all just got iPhones i should buy us all matching cases, but I'm only able to find "Best Friend" cases for two people. Does anyone know where I can find a set of three cases?

A: If you want Hello Kitty to be in her plain and simple glory and then plain and simple is how you are going to get your favorite cartoon character and icon. This BD Covers Lovely Hello Kitty Series Hard Plastic Case for iPhone 4/4S is in the original colors and look of Hello Kitty, just the way you want it and it certainly looks so cute. Aside from the cuteness that this iPhone 4 or 4s case that it could give you, this case could also give your iPhone 4 or 4s the protection that it needs.

My boyfriend and i have been best friends forever and now we dating? by Q: I just feel like he won't give me my space as much as I tell him we need to relax abit on how much we see eachother the more he tells me but he misses me!!! We have been friends for a long time I don't want to lose that now too

A: just keep telling him how u feel, it would be bad if u started to resent him from this

What can I do when my best friend forever do not friends me anymore? by jasminekohyl Q: Please answer this question! It is real.

A: you find new friend

What should I do about my best friends forever? by Jm3 Q: Well i have a best friend we barely talk and email now that she moved what should i do? Be friends with her or tell her our friend ship is over??? plz help me!!!!!

A: if you feel its over just say it dont drag it out and make it any more dificult then it already is

How do you say (or rather inscribe) "Best Friends Forever" In Italian? by Q: Need to inscribe the inside of a locket and I thought this would be a nice sentiment

A: Hi! Migliori amici per sempre Best = Migliori Friends = Amici Forever = Per sempre I hope this helps

Do best friends forever really exist? by Random_Nickname Q: In the movies and books there's always the best friend (talking about girls by the way) who's shoulder you can always cry on, share all of your feelings with, trust all of your deepest secrets with, call them in the middle of the night and they'll pick up, etc. Do these types of best friends truly exist? Or is it just a myth? Is your best friend like this?

A: Ha good question. First of all i thought i had an best friend forever. I knew this girl for 5years a stupid little fight, and now she not talking to me. She sits there and ignores me and acts like i don't existed. How the hell can someone do that to you? I really think its just a myth, people used you for there games and then when they get tired of you they ignore you and be so immature about it. ugh i really dislike her so much now and will never forget how much she hurt me. I cant even forgive her. She promises she always be here for me look me in my damn eyes and told me she never leave me, but sits there and ignore me when i need someone to talk to? Dont give a damn that im crying and talks sh*t about me. Now i don't trust any one!! but yea sorry im vents. But best friend forever is rare. I hope i do find that true best friend who will always be there for me.

How to stay best friends with your current best friends forever? by Q: i love my besties and never wanna leave them

A: There's actually a book about how friendships are never always the same and aren't meant to last. life takes everyone in different courses and eventually your friends will move on to different lives as will you. you'll all get married, have children, move for other job opportunities... life changes everything over time. If you want to remain friends try to keep in touch as much as you can, but realize that you'll make new friends in the long run and your family will be your new friends.

best friends forever monkey bracelets do they even exist? by jenbetflo Q: im looking for best friends forever monkey bracelets (not best friends or friends forever) i need the three but i cant find them anywhere do you know where they would sell them? thanks ;]....

A: of course they exist u just have to belive! lol look at claires

Where can I watch Best Friends Forever online for free? by Q: I want to watch BFF starring Sharon Cuneta and Ai Ai Delasalas, but unfortunately it is not coming to my state so I wanna watch it online. ANyone know where I can watch it?

A: http://www.watch-movies-links.net/ good quality and you can choose in parts or full. gud luck =] btw mine doesnt have virus as i go on it and click on it.

How do you become best friends forever on sims 2? by Q: I have sims 2 university,open for business,and nightlife.if It matters(:

A: Just talk to them and be nice and keep it touch if you go to long without talking to them you will no longer be friends

where can i find a three way best friends forever necklace>? by Q: its christmas and i have two best friends, i thought on getting a three way necklace but i cant find one anywhere. . . please help

A: 3 piece break away best friend necklace below through Wagon-Load Power Shopping, an Amazon affiliate

How do i use the best friends forever app on facebook? by Vero*C Q: can someone tell step by step how to use this applicaton please!!i cant figure it out.

A: well see it on Quiz or U get it in Notifications of BESTFRIEND .well its not an issue

What happened to being best friends forever? by soccerlover_2112 Q: I've known vicki forever, and i love her to death, except we're total opposites. I have this "clique" kind of,but shes not in it because she doesnt like the people, and doesnt have the same interests as us. I try to balance my two groups of friends,except vicki feels left out and i miss out on my other group of friends alot. what should i do?

A: thats hard.... if she was your really your friend she would accept that you have more than one group of friends. you can have more than one best friend. You guys can still be best friends and not hang out at school. there is always weekends.

What is the name of the song playing the pilot of Best Friends Forever? by Q: I'm talking about the song playing when Jessica and Dev are outside the bar talking about Lennon and her boyfriend.

Is The Phrase Best Friends Forever Really True? by emilyy Q: i have lost 2 friends this year, which were apparently supposed to be my "best friends forever" ..but they just left me one day. so when someone says best friends forever, should i believe them? ugh. im just confused. and hurt. please help me! =]

A: People say that and they don't really mean that it's because we get so cought up in College and work and family after High School

How do I make best friends forever on sims 3 girlfriend and boyfriend? by Q: I don't even get the romantic tap/thing. how do i make them become bf and gf with out them being mean to each other

Best Friends Forever or Best Friend Forever? by Q: What do you think guys is correct in Best Friends Forever, The Friend is with s or without s ?

A: If you're talking specifically about 1 person, best friend forever. If you're referring to both of you, best friends forever

Threeway Best Friends Forever Bracelet Or Necklace? by Q: My friends and I want a 3 way Best Friends Forever bracelet, or necklace. :) It doesn't have to say "Best Friends Forever", it could be like "Live, Laugh, Love" or something like that. If you have any ideas, could you please link me? :) Thank you.

Whats a 2-word phrase that means best friends or friends forever? by kaitlin M Q: We are trying to put a two words phrase on a poster, but we don't want to use best friends or friends forever. Got any other ideas?

A: constant companions/confidantes fast friends comrades in arms bosom buddies second selves boon companions crazy cronies alter egos partners in crime playmates chums and allies best pals

Is there such a thing of best friends forever? by Q: I swore I found mine, but these days i don't know...after I moved and everything. I mean we still talk and everything and we get a few laughs and everything, but things don't feel right anymore. I love her to death, don't get me wrong, but things are not the same anymore. Maybe we're growing up? Maybe there's no such thing as best friends? We use to be so close, too close thats what people said, LOL. I just don't want to lose her.

A: Sometimes.. there is such thing as BFF. But most of the time, there isn't. When you grow up and you become mature and you get into a fight or watever. But Honestly, you'll know when you've found the one. If you really think she's destined to become ur BFF, tell her. Honest. Tell her that you don't think its right, and just tell her everything you said here. ~I hope I helped. I have an amazing BFF.. all the way in Panama. :D

Why do people call each other best friends forever? by Isabeliz Q: I never understood why people always call someone they have known for awhile their best friend. They say that thinking they're gonna die being best friends when it's most likely not going to happen, i mean you may lose touch so why do people say, well call someone their best friend.

A: for the same reason that we say we love someone after a few dates or are in love with a celebrity. People like to put there affection into extremes

Where can i find a picture of sandy,spongebob and patrick best friends forever? by star_baby_214 Q: okay well i really want to find a spongebob,sandy & Patrickk BEST FRIENDS.Imagee(: can someone please make one for me orr tell me where to find onee?

A: hi, did you try google images? yahoo images? how about drawing your own??? i'll try looking for you, good luck!!!

How do you write "best friends forever"in Korean? by SSASSAK Q: I am learning korean right now but I don't know how to write a few words, please help me. Best friends forever!- Merry Christmas!- Happy Birthday!- maybe?- best friends forever. . .maybe?- I will never forget you!!!- I wish for you to stay by my side. . .forever- Yeah, I know thats a lot!! but please help me!! Thanks in advance

A: Best friends forever = 가장 친한 친구 영원히 Merry Christmas = 즐거운 성탄절 되세요 Happy Birthday = 생일 축하합니다 Maybe? = 어쩌면 Best friends forever, maybe? = 영원한 친구, 아마도 I will never forget you = 난 당신을 영원히 잊지 못할 것입니다 I wish for you to stay by my side forever = 당신이 내 곁에 영원히 함께 있고 나도 그랬으면 좋겠다

How do I be best friends forever? by Q: How can I become best friends literarily forever, for example, In kingdom hearts (a video game) sora and that one girl eat a certain fruit and they become intertwined or something...

Where can I buy underwear that says best, friends, forever on it? by qwerty Q: Every Christmas my friends and I give each other a pair of underwear in addition to the "regular" gift. Where can I find underwear (preferably a thong) that says "best", "friends", and "forever" on them? (Three separate pairs) Thanks!

A: probabily at victorias secret......

Are Cancers and Leos most likely to be best friends forever or lovers? by LolSmileyFace Q: Basically, are they compatible enough to be lovers forever or does their compatibility only allow them to be more like best friends?

A: Good friends, both tend to be loyal and there for each other. I don't know if it'd work as lovers..

What movie (referring to marriage) "stand up in front of your friends and pledge to be best friends forever?"? by Q: I remember very little about this quote but it is two people talking about marriage and one says to the other something about it being simple 'standing up in front of your friends with your best friend and pledging or promising to be friends forever'. Help! This has been driving me crazy!

A: It is from Friends (ironically) Its Monica talking to Richard when they decide to be friends, when she is still not over him. In Season 3, Ep The One Where Monica And Richard Are Friends, i think

Where can I find Holly Hobbie best friends forever or fabulous fashion show without singing up and paying? by angie m Q: Where can I find holly hobbie best friends forever or fabulous fashion show for free without paying singing up or buying for free?

A: theres short snippets of it here

Where can you get a best friends forever necklace that has 3 parts where 3 different peole can where it? by lilangelsof8002 Q: I am looking to get me and my 2 friends a best friends forever necklace... You know the ones with 3 different peices where each one of us can where it.

A: ya like evryone else said...claires! heres the site http://www.claires.com/index.asp and heres another cute thing that u could buy for the threee of u http://www.claires.com/product.asp?color=silver&id=3698 hope u find one that u like!

In middle school, I have a best friend who is going to a different high school. How to be friends forever? by Q: What can I do to stay best friends with a best friend forever even when going to a different high school? I really like my best friend and I don't want to lose them forever!

A: just keep in touch! text each other and make plans just as if you guys were still at the same school! don't worry about it, if you guys are true true true best friends then you guys will be able to still be close!

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