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Anne Burrell

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vishwamarwah @offalchris just saw anne burrell do a veal breast was reminded of heavenly braise w/tokyo turnips &gremolata you dished up week ago..grazie

btalk89 @chefanneburrell, didn't know you were vying to be the next #IronChef! Good luck! http://t.co/fuk2hSuv

SueBMedia Vote for the next Iron Chef. My vote goes to Super Chef Anne Burrell, from my hometown Cazenovia, NY! http://t.co/rEJHugl8

DavidVenableQVC Celebrating Comfort Food #IKTWD Sun NoonET @QVC with @chefanneburrell "Cook Like a Rockstar " Cookbook! 125 recipes! http://t.co/9TSXDY0D

SgtJesse @robertirvine1 Next Iron Chef: will come down between you and Anne Burrell.

erinkshields @Bear247 I love Iron Chef...I was just watching that! I like Robert Irvine and Anne Burrell for the final two.

wjkinnett Sometimes I wanna be a chef. Love Chef Anne Burrell!

peachtreebee http://t.co/e7rgFnuM 'Rock Star' chef Anne Burrell signs her book at Williams-Sonoma ...

KDawg115 Anne Burrell is my hero

NalaFierce Chef Anne Burrell <3

profettooo ahhhhh goooo Anne Burrell. you gotta winnnn

jemangepdx I also think I'm going to make this tomatillo and jalapeño braised chicken that Anne Burrell is making this week...

yankmutt We chat w/ @chefanneburrell on#NextIronChef, 1st cookbook http://t.co/lG34xZLL via @heyyumsugar

jimthechin Anne Burrell is the man...

themedwife @notjustarmywife Hahahahaaha!!! That's awesome. Your Anne Burrell comments are making my Saturday morning.


I left pork chops in a brine for 5 days instead of 3, still ok to cook? by lylarosemommy Q: So I took Anne Burrell's advise on brining pork chops for 3 days but then had to take off and now its been 5 days. Should I throw them out or is it safe to cook and eat them? Thanks!

A: I am a former chef and do not brine anything less than 3-5 days, ribs, chops, pork hocks, pig feet, briskets and chickens. The longer you brine the more tender the meat, just rinse, brown and either braise or stew, even just pan fry them or BBQ them, just not to fast as the brined meat tend to dry out if cooked to fast.

How do I email a tv personality? by JubJub Q: Hi I would like to send an email to Anne Burrell (Food Network). I've Googled and seemed to have obtained addresses, but I'm expected to pay. Does anybody know how to send her an email? I want to send positive comments to her. Thanks everybody.

A: Here is a link. http://www.foodnetwork.com/contact-us/package/index.html Fill out the info, send a message and ask them to forward it to her.

is anne burrell pregnant? by MARY Q:

A: She's on facebook....ask her

Is chef Anne Burrell's sister, adult star Carly Parker? by Q: they both look and sound exactly a like. Could it be?

A: no Barkers, real name Lauren Nielson, originally from West Palm Beach Burrell grew up in upstate New York

I saw this recipe on the Anne Burrell TV show on the food network channel. I learned about this? by wildflower Q: technique that has aroused my curiosity. Can anyone enlighten me as to what this technique is? The short ribs are braised and a number of fresh vegetables are pureed in a food processor and then added to the pot to brown and then scrape up, allowed to brown again, and scrape up, and finally the whole dish braises for 3 hours. I would like to try this dish but want to do a little more research before I begin. Here's the recipe I'm referring to... http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/anne-burrell/braised-short-ribs-recipe/index.html Hoping to hear from some professionals... maybe... The puree process of the vegetables is what intrigues me. Does this give extra rich flavor to the end process? Where can I find more recipes like this? Or get more insight to using a process like this? Any foodie blogs or sites??

A: I am sure this is to give flavor and thickness to the sauce the ribs will simmer in. I have never heard of doing it quite like this however. Any recipe I have seen called for browning the vegetables in the meat drippings until soft, and then pureeing. I would think this would make a real mess in your pan potentially, but these people on television do not have to wash their own dishes. It sounds like a good recipe, but if I did it, I would saute the whole vegetables, then puree them with the tomato paste and then pour back into the pan, but it does sound good.

Anne burrell question!!!!!!!!!!? by spellking Q: Ok i looooooooove anne burrell(not that way im gay!) but i want to know where her resteraunt is and what its name is big thanks to anybody who helps!

A: So what makes you think that this has even the smallest bit to do with Hanukkah ?

Why does Anne Burrell from "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" make such weird noises? by jitternhbug Q: She sounds like the girl from the movie "House Bunny" when she tries to remember names. Is it just part of her TV personality or does she have come kind of speech problem?? Also where does ERL come from as a variation of oil?

A: I like her personally shes fun and bubbly without being Rachael Ray As far as erl goes people in the south sometimes use it as a funny way of saying oil, would you rather yet another person saying EVOO

Has anyone ate at Anne Burrell's restaurant? Is her food super salty? She seems to use ALOT of salt? by MNM Q: I know food needs to be seasoned but it seems like she uses alot more than any other Food Network chef, or then I use at home. So, question (Cue Dwight Schrute), if any of you have ate her food, is it too salty?

A: add a litle spice and BAM! im naked pour some sugar on that baby

What is the prep spill pan Anne Burrell uses on Secrets of a Restaurant Chef called? by Scott Q: It's the drip / spill pan where she stores her salt and spices along with cooking utensils while she's using them. I looks like it has a metal grid top and it's setting next to the cook top. I'd like to get one for my kitchen but I'm not having much luck finding it. Thanks!

A: They're called "hotel pans" EDIT: You can buy them at restaurant supply shops

How many times has Anne Burrell beaten Robert Irvine? by Joey Q: On Food Network, I know that Anne Burrell has defeated Robert Irvine in at least three different competitions: Worst Cooks in America, Iron Chef, and Chopped. Were there any other times they've been pitted against each other?

A: I think that's it ,, but they are great friends. I like watching her cooking show , and he has several which I like them as well.

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